20 Facts About UNLV


UNLV was officially founded by the Nevada Board of Regents as the Southern Division of the University of Nevada on September 10, 1957.

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In 2004, UNLV opened its first regional campus on Shadow Lane, near the University Medical Center.

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UNLV opened its first international campus in Singapore, where the William F Harrah College of Hotel Administration offered a bachelor's degree program in hospitality management.

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UNLV planned to end its partnership with the Singapore Institute of Technology by 2015, due to economic issues such as rising tuition in Las Vegas and the falling value of the U S dollar in Singapore.

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In 2016, UNLV hosted the final presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

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In 2017, UNLV shut down the only HIV clinic for children and pregnant women in Southern Nevada region for ethical violations.

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In 2019, UNLV renamed the School of Community Health Sciences as the School of Public Health.

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UNLV offers more than 350 bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees in varying fields, which are taught by 850 faculty members.

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Much of the student life at UNLV revolves around its Student Union, which houses the offices for its student government and student organizations on its third floor.

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Together with UNLV, CSUN founded an on-campus preschool in 1974 as part of the College of Education.

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Graduate student government at UNLV, called The Graduate and Professional Student Association, is separate from the undergraduate student government.

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Main campus of UNLV is on 332-acres in centrally located Paradise, Nevada.

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Midtown UNLV is an ongoing private-public development along Maryland Parkway, a border street to the school.

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UNLV was recognized for managing the xeric demonstration garden and for its recycling efforts.

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School's official colors of scarlet and gray can be traced to 1958, when UNLV adopted as mascot a wolf wearing a Confederate uniform.

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UNLV received his first makeover in 1997 and second in 2009.

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UNLV's mascot is based on the university's split from their literal Northern rival, University of Nevada and not on any direct reference to the actual Confederacy.

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UNLV had been seen as the little brother to UNR for quite some time even though Las Vegas has always been the more densely populated city of the two.

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In that same game, UNLV became the first team to break 100 points in a championship game.

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UNLV has seen many of its former students go on to local and national prominence.

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