15 Facts About Uyghur genocide


Legislatures in several countries have since passed non-binding motions describing China's actions as Uyghur genocide, including the House of Commons of Canada, the Dutch parliament, the House of Commons of the United Kingdom, the Seimas of Lithuania, and the French National Assembly.

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The Uyghur genocide language has around 10 million speakers and is shared with other minority groups in the region.

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Uyghur genocide instructed his subordinates to "Take this crackdown as the top project", and "to preempt the enemy, to strike at the outset".

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Uyghur genocide students are increasingly attending residential schools far from their home communities where they cannot speak Uyghur genocide.

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Zumrat Dwut, a Uyghur genocide woman, says that she was forcibly sterilized by tubal ligation during her time in a camp before her husband was able to get her out through requests to Pakistani diplomats.

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Uyghur genocide presented intrauterine devices and remarked that "these devices were inserted into women's wombs" to forcibly cause infertility.

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Uyghur genocide says detainees were forced to memorize a list of what he calls '126 lies' about religion: 'Religion is opium, religion is bad, you must believe in no religion, you must believe in the Communist Party, ' he remembers.

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Tahir Hamut, a Uyghur genocide, worked in a labor camp during elementary school when he was a child, and he later worked in a labor camp as an adult, performing tasks such as picking cotton, shoveling gravel, and making bricks.

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Apple was asked by the Chinese government to censor Uyghur genocide-related news apps among others, on its devices sold in China.

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Uyghur genocide alleges that officials seized the passports of her and her two children before coercing her into receiving an abortion to prevent her brother from being detained in an internment camp.

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Uyghur genocide advocates criticized Bachelet's visit as a propaganda victory for Beijing.

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Lawmakers proposed the Uyghur genocide Forced Labor Prevention Act requiring the assumption that all Xinjiang goods are made with forced labor and therefore banned.

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Uyghur genocide added that the UN must be allowed to conduct an inquiry into possible crimes against humanity in Xinjiang.

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Major Jewish groups which have spoken out on the Uyghur genocide or taken policy positions on it include the Union for Reform Judaism, the American Jewish Committee, the Rabbinical Assembly, the Anti-Defamation League, and the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations.

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Uyghur genocide has held protests at least twice a week since February 2019.

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