12 Facts About Western Chalukya


Western Chalukya Empire ruled most of the western Deccan, South India, between the 10th and 12th centuries.

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Western Chalukya's exploits were not limited to the south for even as a prince, during the rule of Someshvara I, he had led successful military campaigns as far east as modern Bihar and Bengal.

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Knowledge of Western Chalukya history has come through examination of the numerous Kannada language inscriptions left by the kings, and from the study of important contemporary literary documents in Western Chalukya literature such as Gada Yuddha in Kannada by Ranna and Vikramankadeva Charitam in Sanskrit by Bilhana.

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Fifty-year reign of Vikramaditya VI, the most successful of the later Western Chalukya rulers, was an important period in Karnataka's history and is referred to by historians as the "Western Chalukya Vikrama era".

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Western Chalukya retained this territory for many years despite ongoing hostilities with the Cholas.

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Western Chalukya defeated Chalukya Someshvara IV and Seuna Bhillama V bringing large regions in the Krishna River valley under the Hoysala domains, but was unsuccessful against Kalachuris.

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Western Chalukya kingship was hereditary, passing to the king's brother if the king did not have a male heir.

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Western Chalukya later wrote Sribhashya, a commentary on Badarayana Brahmasutra, a critique on the Advaita philosophy of Adi Shankara.

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Western Chalukya era was one of substantial literary activity in the native Kannada, and Sanskrit.

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Western Chalukya was bestowed the title "Emperor among poets" by King Tailapa II and has five major works to his credit.

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Western Chalukya wrote Ajitha purana in 993 describing the life of the second Tirthankara, Ajitanatha.

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Reign of Western Chalukya dynasty was an important period in the development of Deccan architecture.

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