35 Facts About Abby Holland


Abigail Arcane Cable Holland is a fictional comic book character in the DC Comics Universe.

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Abby Holland is born Abigail Arcane, in Transylvania, Romania in late 1955.

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Abby Holland is born to Count Gregori Arcane and his beautiful wife Anise.

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Later, Abby Holland's father is confronted by her uncle, who wants to teach her the evil magical ways of the Arcane bloodline.

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Abby Holland soon begins her friendship with him, swaying Cable's suspicions of her possible involvement in her uncle's abduction of the fugitive Swamp Thing.

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Abby Holland is then suddenly abducted by the creature that was once her father, the now-mute and monstrous Patchwork Man, only to be rescued by the creature Cable is seeking—the Swamp Thing.

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Cable cannot guarantee he will find work for Abby Holland but keeps his promise to have her registered as a US citizen in due time.

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Matt and Abby are taken hostage by The Conclave, the same criminal organization that created the Swamp Thing by the act of sabotage that took Alec Holland's life and caused the transformation of his corpse into a supernatural elemental form.

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Abby Holland wisely reminds him that truth is nebulous and that he must try to discover the truth about the Swamp Thing, when next confronting him.

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Months later in 1974, Abby Holland accompanies Matt into the Louisiana Bayou for the first time.

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Abby Holland instantly falls in love with the swamp, and Matt has to keep her focused and alert.

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Abby Holland finds herself standing in-between the two men, constantly stopping their arguments over the Swamp Thing.

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Matt relates this news to Abby Holland, who urges him to correct his mistake, now that she has developed even stronger empathic feelings for "Alec" than for Matt.

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Abby Holland goes into a trance and displays telekinesis to escape her bonds.

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Abby Holland has an unpleasant experience in Sloan's Diner, as the owner's bigoted feelings about Indians invade her thoughts and force her to run outside to seek relief.

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Abby Holland takes all of them to see Matt, who is at last confronted by Alec over his alcoholism.

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Alec and Abby Holland are then abducted by Arcane and his new insectoid Un-Men.

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Abby Holland pushes Matt into some bushes, as the helicopter shoots a rocket that blows up their house.

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On her next visit, Abby Holland is attacked by Woodrue who attempts to kill her repeatedly.

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The Swamp Thing unroots himself, saving Abby Holland, and confronts Woodrue, but not before the maniac has mass murdered the entire town of Lacroix.

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Abby Holland spends more time with Swamp Thing, returning to the simple outdoor pleasures she enjoyed in her childhood.

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Abby Holland then meets Jason Blood, who informs her the children are in danger.

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Abby Holland takes this as a threat, and she warns him to not get involved.

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However, after he has buried the ghost of Alec Abby Holland, he tells her that he will be proud to use the name Alec.

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Abby Holland decides to end the marriage, despite being unable to get a divorce.

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Abby Holland warns her to keep away from him, and that he will find a way to restore himself in a new body before expiring.

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Abby Holland makes him promise that he will never die for as long as she lives.

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In both the third and fourth series, Abby finally has her last name legally changed to her current surname, Holland, which she shares with her daughter, Tefe Holland.

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Abby Holland turned 50 years old in late 2005, having only been a teenager in her first appearance in 1973.

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Abby Holland is not married to the Swamp Thing, but she does fall in love with him.

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Abby Holland appears in the 1990 live-action series Swamp Thing, portrayed by Kari Wuhrer.

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Abby Holland appears in the animated series Swamp Thing, voiced by Tabitha St Germain under the name "Paulina Gillis".

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Abby Holland Arcane is a regular character in the 2019 live-action series Swamp Thing, portrayed by Crystal Reed.

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Abby Holland is a CDC doctor who first met Alec Holland during her mission.

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Abby Holland was ultimately revived by Swamp Thing after he retrieved her body from Arcane's lab, leaving Arcane to die in a fire.

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