12 Facts About ABC Studios


In 1961, Disney severed its terms with ABC Studios and moved its weekly program to NBC, where it stayed for nearly 20 years until 1981.

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ABC Studios had a contract with producer Terry Louise Fisher, after she quit L A Law due to disputes with co-creator Steven Bochco and studio 20th Television, then-known as 20th Century Fox Television.

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ABC Studios had another drama in collaboration with Stephen J Cannell, The 100 Lives of Black Jack Savage, which was produced under the Walt Disney TV label.

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The following year, the Russo brothers has struck a two-year deal with the studio, with veteran writer and producer Steven Bochco, who had produced several shows for ABC Studios, signing a deal with the studio that same year to produce future shows.

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In October 2012, ABC Studios formed its Signature unit to sell to outside networks.

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In early 2016, ABC Studios International was set up with the appointment of Keli Lee as its managing director of international content and talent, combined with her move to London.

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The former executive vice president of development and production at Ryan Seacrest Productions, along with Fernando Hernandez, the former head of Universal Television Alternative ABC Studios, were hired by the studio to lead the division around January 2018.

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The division is tapping existing production companies with deals at ABC Studios, including Ryan Seacrest Productions, Larry Wilmore's Wilmore Films and Bob Sertner Productions, in addition to partnerships that Hernandez has developed, including those with Mission Control Media, Parker Paige Media, INE Entertainment, and Party Pit Productions.

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Underwood was promoted in February 2020 to the new position of executive vice president, creative affairs of ABC Studios to oversee development at ABC Studio in addition to managing ABC Signature.

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In July 2019, Disney TV ABC Studios announced a reorganization in executive leadership.

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ABC Studios International produced the anthology series Unsung Heroes which was in development while the company was launching ABC Discover to find more British talent.

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Meanwhile, Fox 21 Television Studios was renamed Touchstone Television, restoring that brand name after a thirteen-year dormancy, and 20th Century Fox Television was renamed 20th Television .

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