10 Facts About Ace Hardware


Ace Hardware Corporation is an American hardware retailers' cooperative based in Oak Brook, Illinois, United States.

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Ace Hardware operates 17 distribution centers in the United States, and additional distribution facilities in China, Panama, and the United Arab Emirates.

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Ace Hardware was named after the ace fighter pilots of World War I, who were able to overcome all odds.

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Ace Hardware Stores was incorporated in 1928, and the company opened its first warehouse a year later.

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Ace Hardware was thereafter sold to its retailers and restructured as a cooperative, moving its headquarters to Oak Brook, Illinois.

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The strategy proved successful, and Ace Hardware surpassed $1 billion in wholesale sales for the first time in 1985; it went on to pass $5 billion in 2015.

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In 2012, Ace Hardware acquired its largest member, Westlake Ace Hardware, for $88 million.

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In 2014 and 2015, Ace Hardware launched its wholesale distribution network through the acquisition of the Portland, Maine, based Emery-Waterhouse and the Spokane based Jensen Distribution Services.

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In 1990, Ace Hardware created a separate division known as Ace Hardware International and over the following 20 years, established a presence throughout Asia, the Caribbean, Latin America, and Middle East regions.

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ACE Hardware is an affiliate of the SM Group of Companies.

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