27 Facts About ACT Brumbies


ACT Brumbies is an Australian professional rugby union team based in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, The team competes in Super Rugby and named for the feral horses which inhabit the capital's hinterland.

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ACT Brumbies were formed in 1996 to provide a third Australian franchise for the newly formed Super 12 competition.

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The Brumbies are traditionally known for their strong tactical kicking, set piece play, ball retention, and pressuring of opponents in their own half.

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The ACT Brumbies are one of only two Super Rugby teams to win 200 games.

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The ACT Brumbies team were praised for their hard work, stamina, and willingness to take shots at goal when they were on offer.

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Concerns over player depth in the ACT Brumbies were assuaged when the ACT Brumbies reserve team beat the New South Wales reserve team.

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The following season was even more successful as the ACT Brumbies entered the 1997 Super 12 Final, but lost to the Auckland Blues.

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In 2000, the Brumbies made it to the 2000 Super 12 Final for the second time, and were actually hosting it as well.

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The ACT Brumbies won the match, and in doing so, became the first team outside of New Zealand to be crowned Super 12 champions.

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Under Nucifora the ACT Brumbies entered their third Super 12 final in a row, again against the Crusaders who had defeated them in the 2000 final.

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The following season, going for four straight final appearances, the ACT Brumbies fell just short, being knocked out in the semi-finals by the Blues.

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In 2004 the ACT Brumbies finished at the top of the Super 12 table, six points clear of the next best team.

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The ACT Brumbies hosted the 2004 Super 12 Final as well, and were to face the Crusaders .

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In 2006 the ACT Brumbies finished sixth, missing out on the finals by 1 point, having never dropped out of the top four all season prior to the last round.

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Later that year the ACT Brumbies played in the inaugural Australian Provincial Championship.

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In 2012, the ACT Brumbies became the first Australian Super Rugby team to host an international fixture against a touring side.

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On 12 June, the ACT Brumbies played Wales at Canberra Stadium while Wales was on their 2012 Summer tour.

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ACT Brumbies returned to form in the 2012, finishing second in the Australian conference, and seventh in the overall standings, narrowly missing the final-six and a place in the quarter finals.

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ACT Brumbies continued their strong performances in 2013 by finishing first in the Australian conference and 3rd on the ladder to make their first finals appearance since they won the Super title in 2004.

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The ACT Brumbies have a traditional jersey which is used for games against fellow Australian Super 12 foundation teams NSW and Queensland, which reflects the original home jersey worn between 1996 and 2005.

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The ACT Brumbies team did not use Canberra Stadium for their post-season APC games, instead taking their home fixtures to Canberra's Viking Park, which has a smaller capacity.

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ACT Brumbies have traditionally had a fierce rivalry with the NSW Waratahs.

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ACT Brumbies fans got additional joy from Gibson's post-match press conference, where he claimed that the result did not affect the Waratahs' playoffs picture.

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The ACT Brumbies are the only team to have scored 50 points against the Crusaders, and have recorded the highest ever score in a grand final against them.

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ACT Brumbies teams played in the Southern States Tournament up until 2015 and played occasional matches against other representative sides such as Pacific Rugby Cup teams.

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ACT Brumbies was Captain for every game in his Brumbies career, and only missed two games in that period: against the Lions in 2012, and against the Rebels in 2013.

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Several ACT Brumbies players have gone on to achieve greater recognition in the Rugby community, achieving such things as:.

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