53 Facts About Adam Lanza


November 2013 report issued by the Connecticut State Attorney's office concluded that Adam Lanza acted alone and planned his actions, but provided no indication why he did so, or why he targeted the school.

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Under Connecticut law at the time, the 20-year-old Adam Lanza was old enough to carry a long gun, such as a rifle or shotgun, but too young to own or carry handguns.

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Adam Lanza then drove to Sandy Hook Elementary School in his mother's car.

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Adam Lanza was wearing black clothing, yellow earplugs, sunglasses, and an olive green utility vest.

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Adam Lanza's lay still in the hallway and then, not hearing any more noise, crawled back to the conference room and pressed her body against the door to keep it closed.

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Adam Lanza heard many people yelling and many gunshots over the intercom while he, his classmates, and his teacher took refuge in a closet in the gymnasium.

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Adam Lanza remained standing for a few seconds before turning around and leaving.

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Adam Lanza entered Room 8, a first-grade classroom where Lauren Rousseau, a substitute teacher, had herded her first grade students to the back of the room, and was trying to hide them in a bathroom, when Adam Lanza forced his way into the classroom.

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Adam Lanza's hid in a corner of the classroom's bathroom during the shooting.

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Adam Lanza went to Room 10, another first-grade classroom nearby; at this point, there are conflicting reports about the order of events.

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Adam Lanza walked to the back of the classroom, saw the children under the desks, and shot them.

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Adam Lanza stared at the people on the floor, pointed the gun at a boy seated there, but did not fire.

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Hartford Courant report said that six of the children who escaped did so when Adam Lanza stopped shooting, either because his weapon jammed or he erred in reloading it.

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Adam Lanza arrived moments later, pounding on the door and yelling, "Let me in, " while the students in Kristopik's class quietly hid inside.

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Adam Lanza's hid with the children for approximately 40 minutes, at which point law enforcement came to lead them out of the room.

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Adam Lanza's body was found wearing a pale green pocket vest over a black polo shirt, over a black T-shirt, black sneakers, black fingerless gloves, black socks, and a black canvas belt.

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Authorities determined that Adam Lanza reloaded frequently during the shootings, sometimes firing only 15 rounds from a 30-round magazine.

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Police investigated whether Adam Lanza was the person who had been in an altercation with four staff members at Sandy Hook School the day before the massacre.

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Adam Lanza fired one shot from the Glock in the hallway and killed himself with another shot from the pistol to the head.

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Investigators evaluated Adam Lanza's body, looking for evidence of drugs or medication through toxicology tests.

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Adam Lanza's autopsy showed no tumors or gross deformities in his brain.

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Adam Lanza removed the hard drive from his computer and damaged it prior to the shooting, creating a challenge for investigators to recover data.

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Police believe that Adam Lanza extensively researched earlier mass shootings, including the 2011 Norway attacks and the 2006 West Nickel Mines School shooting at a one-room school in Nickel Mines, Pennsylvania.

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Police found that Adam Lanza had downloaded videos relating to the Columbine High School massacre, other shootings and two videos of suicide by gunshot.

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The source stated that the investigation had found that Adam Lanza had created a 7-by-4-foot sized spreadsheet listing around 500 mass murderers and the weapons they used, which was considered to have taken years of work and to have been used by Adam Lanza as a "score sheet".

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Adam Peter Lanza lived with his mother, Nancy Lanza, in Newtown, 5 miles from the elementary school.

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Adam Lanza had access to guns through his mother, who was described as a "gun enthusiast who owned at least a dozen firearms".

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Adam Lanza's often took her two sons to a local shooting range, where they learned to shoot.

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Adam Lanza's did not confide any fear of Adam to her sister or to her best friend, slept with her bedroom door unlocked, and kept guns in the house.

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Adam Lanza attended Sandy Hook Elementary School for four and a half years.

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Adam Lanza began at Newtown Middle School in 2004, but according to his mother was "wracked by anxiety".

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Adam Lanza's told friends that her son started getting upset at middle school because of frequent classroom changes during the day.

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Adam Lanza is not known to have had any close friends in school.

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The intense anxiety Adam Lanza experienced at the time suggests his autism was exacerbated by the hormonal shifts of adolescence.

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Adam Lanza was taken out of high school and home-schooled by his mother and father.

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Adam Lanza was seen by the New Hampshire Birth to Three intervention program and referred to special education preschool services.

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Adam Lanza's anxiety affected his ability to attend school and in 8th grade he was placed on "homebound" status, which is reserved for children who are too disabled, even with supports and accommodations, to attend school.

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When he was 13, Adam Lanza was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome by a psychiatrist, Paul Fox.

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Adam Lanza frequently washed his hands and changed his socks 20 times a day, to the point where his mother did three loads of laundry a day.

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Adam Lanza sometimes went through a box of tissues in a day because he could not touch a doorknob with his bare hand.

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Adam Lanza was treated by Robert King, who recommended extensive support be put in place and prescribed the antidepressant Celexa.

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The violence Adam Lanza demonstrated in the shooting is generally not seen in the autistic population and none of the psychiatrists he saw detected troubling signs of violence in his disposition.

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Adam Lanza appears to have had no contact with mental health providers after 2006.

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Investigators found Adam Lanza was fascinated with mass shootings, such as the Columbine High School massacre, the Virginia Tech shooting and the Northern Illinois University 2008 shooting.

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Adam Lanza's computer contained two videos of gunshot suicides, movies that showed school shootings and two pictures of Lanza pointing guns at his own head.

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Adam Lanza had taped black plastic garbage bags over the windows in his bedroom to block out sunlight.

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Adam Lanza had cut off contact with both his father and brother in the two years before the shooting and at one point communicated with his mother, who lived in the same house, only by email.

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Adam Lanza was living in almost total isolation in his room, spending most of his time on the internet playing World of Warcraft and other video games.

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Adam Lanza's planned to purchase a recreational vehicle for him to stay in so that potential purchasers could see the house without disturbing him.

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The attorneys representing the families said Adam Lanza was believed to have had homeowner's insurance on her home worth more than $1 million and they were seeking compensation based on that.

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Adam Lanza ordered flags to be flown at half-staff at the White House and other U S federal government facilities worldwide in respect of the victims.

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Adam Lanza's proposals included universal background checks on firearms purchases, an assault weapons ban, and a high-capacity magazine ban limiting capacity to 10 cartridges.

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Adam Lanza called on Congress to appropriate funds to hire armed police officers for every American school and announced that the NRA would create the National School Shield Emergency Response Program to help.

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