14 Facts About Adobe Flash

1. Adobe Flash is a multimedia software platform used for production of animations, rich web applications, desktop applications, mobile apps, mobile games, and embedded web browser video players.

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2. Instead, Adobe Flash found a niche as the dominant platform for online multimedia content, particularly for browser games.

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3. Precursor to Adobe Flash was SmartSketch, a product published by FutureWave Software in 1993.

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4. In May 2014, Adobe Flash announced that Adobe Flash AIR was used in over 100,000 unique applications and had over 1 billion installations logged worldwide.

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5. Fully Adobe Flash-run sites fell out of favor for more strategic use of Adobe Flash plugins for video and other interactive features among standard HTML conventions, corresponding with the availability of HTML features like cascading style-sheets in the mid-00's.

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6. Adobe Flash created the Adobe Flash AIR environment as a means to appease Apple's concerns, and spent time legally fighting Apple over terms of its App Store to allow AIR to be used on the iOS.

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7. Various 3D frameworks have been built for Adobe Flash using Stage3D, such as Away3D 4, CopperCube, Flare3D, and Starling.

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8. In 2010, Apple publicly criticized Adobe Flash, including its implementation of video playback for not taking advantage of hardware acceleration, one reason Flash was not to be found on Apple's mobile devices.

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9. In June 2009, Adobe Flash launched the Open Screen Project, which made the SWF specification available without restrictions.

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10. Adobe Flash released Adobe Flash LiveMotion, designed to create interactive animation content and export it to a variety of formats, including SWF.

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11. In February 2003, Macromedia purchased Presedia, which had developed a Adobe Flash authoring tool that automatically converted PowerPoint files into Adobe Flash.

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12. In 2011 Adobe Flash reaffirmed its commitment to "aggressively contribute" to HTML5.

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13. The problem with Adobe Flash is that it's not an open standard.

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14. Security experts have long predicted the demise of Adobe Flash, saying that with the rise of HTML5 ".

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