14 Facts About Aiwa


Aiwa is a consumer electronics brand owned and used by various companies in different regions of the world.

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Aiwa was founded in 1951 and was once a globally well-regarded brand known for making quality audio products such as speakers, boomboxes and stereo systems.

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Aiwa created the first Japanese cassette tape recorder in 1964.

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Aiwa was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange from October 1961 until September 2003.

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Aiwa was then rebranded as a new youth-focused division of Sony, but it was unsuccessful and the brand was discontinued by 2006.

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Aiwa marketed Japan's first boombox, the TPR-101, in 1968, as well as the first cassette deck, TP-1009.

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In 1980, Aiwa created the world's first personal stereo recorder, TP-S30.

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In 1990, Aiwa created the HP-J7 earbuds, designed to be vertically inserted into the ear.

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Aiwa made and sold video products such as VCRs, color televisions, DVD players, and digital satellite television tuners.

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Aiwa was involved in the production of computer peripheral devices, such as modems, terminal adapters, and speakers, and what the company termed "life amenity products, " such as air cleaners and humidifiers.

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Aiwa manufactured more than 89 percent of its output outside Japan, with a heavy emphasis on the lower-cost southeast Asian nations of Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

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Aiwa was heavily dependent on overseas sales, with more than 80 percent of total revenues being generated outside Japan, with 43 percent in North and South America, 25 percent in Europe, and 13 percent in areas of Asia outside Japan and in other regions.

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Products of Aiwa include music centres, Hi-Fi, compact disc players, boombox radios and portable CD players.

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Aiwa is currently making home appliances, including air conditioners, refrigerators and washing machines.

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