10 Facts About Alexander Zharov


Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Zharov is a Russian politician.

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Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Alexander Zharov was born on 11 August 1964 in Chelyabinsk, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union.

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Alexander Zharov studied medicine at the Chelyabinsk Medical Academy and graduated in 1987.

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Alexander Zharov worked at the Chelyabinsk Regional Clinical Hospital from 1987 to 1996.

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Alexander Zharov moved to Moscow in 1997 and worked for one year at the "Family Doctor: Practical Medical Advice" magazine.

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Alexander Zharov is married, his wife is a businesswoman, her name and business are not officially disclosed.

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Alexander Zharov has the class rank of 1st Class Government Councilor of State.

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Alexander Zharov is periodically criticized as the head of Roskomnadzor and within the scope of activities of this organization, sometimes called a "watchdog" threatening the media freedom in Russia, particularly the Internet in Russia .

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Alexander Zharov argues that neither himself nor his organization initiate new limitations but has to follow existing laws and court rulings.

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Alexander Zharov became a Candidate of Sciences in 2004, his thesis was on "Medico-hygienic bases forming a healthy way of life in the Russian Federation" .

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