38 Facts About American Jews


American Jews were present in the Thirteen Colonies since the mid-17th century.

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Large-scale Jewish immigration commenced in the 19th century, when, by mid-century, many German American Jews had arrived, migrating to the United States in large numbers due to antisemitic laws and restrictions in their countries of birth.

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Over 2, 000, 000 American Jews landed between the late 19th century and 1924, when the Immigration Act of 1924 restricted immigration.

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At the beginning of the 20th century, these newly arrived American Jews built support networks consisting of many small synagogues and Landsmanshaften for American Jews from the same town or village.

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Approximately 500, 000 American Jews fought in World War II, and after the war younger families joined the new trend of suburbanization.

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In New York City, while the German-Jewish community was well established 'uptown', the more numerous American Jews who migrated from Eastern Europe faced tension 'downtown' with Irish and German Catholic neighbors, especially the Irish Catholics who controlled Democratic Party Politics at the time.

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American Jews successfully established themselves in the garment trades and in the needle unions in New York.

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The total number of American Jews serving in the House of Representatives declined from 31 in the 111th Congress.

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American Jews served as Majority Leader until 2014, when he resigned shortly after his loss in the Republican primary election for his House seat.

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Holocaust had a profound impact on the Jewish community in the United States, especially after 1960 as Holocaust education improved, as American Jews tried to comprehend what had happened during it, and especially as they tried to commemorate it and grapple with it when they looked to the future.

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The founding of the modern State of Israel in 1948 and recognition thereof by the American Jews government was an indication of both its intrinsic support and its response to learning the horrors of the Holocaust.

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Disagreement over Israel's 1993 acceptance of the Oslo Accords caused a further split among American Jews; this mirrored a similar split among Israelis and led to a parallel rift within the pro-Israel lobby, and even ultimately to the United States for its "blind" support of Israel.

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On October 10, 1993, the opponents of the Palestinian-Israeli accord organized at the American Jews Leadership Conference for a Safe Israel, where they warned that Israel was prostrating itself before "an armed thug", and predicted and that the "thirteenth of September is a date that will live in infamy".

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Precise population figures vary depending on whether American Jews are accounted for based on halakhic considerations, or secular, political and ancestral identification factors.

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Law professor David Bernstein has questioned the idea that American Jews were once non-white, writing that American Jews were "indeed considered white by law and by custom" despite the fact that they experienced "discrimination, hostility, assertions of inferiority and occasionally even violence.

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Many Syrian American Jews identify as white, Middle Eastern, or otherwise non-white rather than as American Jews of color.

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Notable African-American Jews include Drake, Lenny Kravitz, Lisa Bonet, Sammy Davis Jr.

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These Spanish-speaking Sephardi American Jews are sometimes considered "Hispanic", but are not Latino.

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In recent years, there has been a noticeable trend of secular American Jews returning to a more observant, in most cases, Orthodox, lifestyle.

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About half of all US American Jews—including those who consider themselves religiously observant—claim in the survey that they have a secular worldview and see no contradiction between that outlook and their faith, according to the study's authors.

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American Jews are more likely to be atheists or agnostics than most Americans, especially when they are compared with American Protestants or Catholics.

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Today, American Jews are a distinctive and influential group in the nation's politics.

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American Jews have displayed a very strong interest in foreign affairs, especially regarding Germany in the 1930s, and Israel since 1945.

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Reform, Reconstructionist and, increasingly, Conservative, American Jews are far more supportive on issues like gay marriage than Orthodox American Jews are.

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In considering the trade-off between the economy and environmental protection, American Jews were significantly more likely than other religious groups to favor stronger environmental protection.

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American Jews were viewed most positively by fellow American Jews, followed by white Evangelicals.

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Many aspects of Jewish American Jews culture have, in turn, become part of the wider culture of the United States.

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Many of America's Hasidic American Jews, being exclusively of Ashkenazi descent, are raised speaking Yiddish.

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Many Mizrahi American Jews, including those from Arab countries such as Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Yemen, Morocco, Libya, etc.

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Since 1845, a total of 34 American Jews have served in the Senate, including the 14 present-day senators noted above.

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The number of American Jews elected to the House rose to an all-time high of 30.

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Eight American Jews have been appointed to the United States Supreme Court, of which one is currently serving.

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American Jews have thrived in Jazz music and contributed to its popularization.

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American Jews have been involved in financial services since the colonial era.

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Since the late 20th century, American Jews have played a major role in the hedge fund industry, according to Zuckerman.

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Since then, several Jews have served as chairmen of the Fed, including Eugene Meyer, Arthur F Burns, Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernanke and Janet Yellen.

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American Jews have been drawn to various disciplines within academia such as physics, sociology, economics, psychology, mathematics, philosophy and linguistics, and have played a disproportionate role in numerous academic domains.

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Several American Jews have served as NBA commissioners including prior NBA commissioner David Stern and current commissioner Adam Silver.

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