11 Facts About Anchorage Alaska

1. In 1888, gold was discovered along Turnagain Arm just south of modern-day Anchorage Alaska, leading to a new influx of prospectors, and small towns such as Spenard, Hope, Rainbow, Bird, Indian, and Girdwood began to spring up.

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2. Anchorage Alaska became an organized incorporated United States territory in 1912.

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3. Anchorage Alaska formed at a time when proponents of Prohibition were gaining traction, and as part of an effort to stem the flow of the alcohol trade, at the direction of President Woodrow Wilson and with the symmetry of the US Army, a town site was mapped out on higher ground to the south of the tent city, with the condition that a person's land could be repossessed if caught breaking the alcohol laws.

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4. Aviation operations in Anchorage Alaska commenced along the firebreak south of town, which residents used as a golf course.

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5. Boroughs and census areas next to the Municipality of Anchorage Alaska are Matanuska-Susitna Borough to the north, Kenai Peninsula Borough to the south and Chugach Census Area to the east.

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6. City of Anchorage Alaska provides three municipal facilities large enough to hold major events such as concerts, trade shows and conventions.

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7. The Aces were very successful during their time in Anchorage Alaska, claiming three league titles, four conference championships, and eight division championship during their 29-year history.

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8. Anchorage Alaska is the finish line for the Sadler's Ultra Challenge wheelchair race.

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9. The Tour of Anchorage Alaska is an annual 50-kilometer ski race within the city.

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10. In 2018, Anchorage Alaska began conducting municipal elections by mail and had the highest voter turnout in the city's history.

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11. Anchorage Alaska's leading newspaper is the Anchorage Alaska Daily News, a citywide daily newspaper.

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