12 Facts About Andrews University

1. In 2016, Mr Andrews University was inducted into the Fellows of the Wisconsin Law Foundation.

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2. St Andrews University was scheduled to host Reinhardt on Saturday, but Baranik said he is looking at getting that duel pushed to next week to give his team time to recover from their illnesses.

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3. St Andrews University is home to several other private clubs such as The Kensington Club, founded in 1739 by Alexander Laird Balgonie and is an all-male dining club that organises private events for members.

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4. St Andrews University is home to over 140 student societies which cover a wide range of interests.

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5. St Andrews University is characterised amongst Scottish universities as having a significant number of students who live in university-maintained accommodation.

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6. In 2012 the Andrews University purchased the vacant Martyrs' Kirk on North Street, with the purpose of providing reading rooms for the Special Collections department and University research students and staff.

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7. St Andrews University participates in the Erasmus Programme and has direct exchanges with universities across Europe.

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8. St Andrews University has developed student exchange partnerships with universities around the globe, though offerings are largely concentrated in North America, Europe, and Asia.

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9. St Andrews University is a unique and captivating place, and the University is a key part of its charm.

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10. In 2009 St Andrews University formally became a member of the Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges Consortium and received national recognition as a military-friendly institution.

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11. In 1990, St Andrews University added a satellite program at Sandhills Community College in Pinehurst to meet additional demand for the college's adult education program.

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12. In 2013, St Andrews University added its first graduate program, an MBA in business administration.

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