36 Facts About St Andrews University


University of St Andrews is a public university in St Andrews, Fife, Scotland.

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In 2021, St Andrews had the highest entry standards for undergraduate admission in the UK, attaining an average UCAS Entry Tariff of 208 points.

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St Andrews has many notable alumni and affiliated faculty, including eminent mathematicians, scientists, theologians, philosophers, and politicians.

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St Andrews University described it as "pining in decay and struggling for life".

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Until the start of the 20th century, St Andrews offered a traditional education based on classical languages, divinity and philosophical studies, and was slow to embrace more practical fields such as science and medicine that were becoming more popular at other universities.

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Until 1967 many students who obtained a degree from the University of St Andrews had in fact spent most, and sometimes all, of their undergraduate career based in Dundee.

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St Andrews was eventually able to continue to offer the opportunity to study medicine through a new arrangement with the University of Manchester in England.

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St Andrews University's later went on to her next appointment as the vice chancellor to the University of Oxford.

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St Andrews has developed a sizable alumni presence in the United States, with over 8000 alumni spread across all 50 states.

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St Andrews has established relationships with other university alumni clubs and private membership clubs in the United States to provide alumni with social and networking opportunities.

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St Andrews University Court is the body responsible for administrative and financial matters, and is in effect the governing body of the university.

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St Andrews University encompasses three colleges: United College, St Mary's College and St Leonard's College.

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The purpose of the colleges at St Andrews is mainly ceremonial, as students are housed in separate residential halls or private accommodations.

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Academic year at St Andrews is divided into two semesters, Martinmas and Candlemas, named after two of the four Scottish Term and Quarter Days.

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St Andrews was ranked ninth overall in The Sunday Times 10-year average ranking of British universities based on consistent league table performance, and is a member of the 'Sutton 13' of top-ranked universities in the UK.

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In 2017, St Andrews was named as the university with the joint second highest graduate employment rate of any UK university, with 97.

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St Andrews is placed seventh in the UK for the employability of its graduates as chosen by recruiters from the UK's major companies with graduates expected to have the best graduate prospects and highest starting salaries in Scotland as ranked by The Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2016 and 2017.

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An independent report conducted by Swedish investment firm, Skandia found that despite its small undergraduate body, St Andrews is the joint-5th best university in the UK for producing millionaires.

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The Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2017 revealed that 24 of the 26 subjects offered by St Andrews ranked within the top 6 nationally with 10 subjects placing within the top 3 including English, Management, Philosophy, International Relations, Italian, Physics and Astronomy and Classics and Ancient History.

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St Andrews University receives applications mainly through UCAS and the Common Application with the latest figures showing that there are generally 12 applications per undergraduate place available.

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St Andrews University has one of the smallest percentages of students from lower income backgrounds, out of all higher education institutions in the UK.

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St Andrews has developed student exchange partnerships with universities around the globe, though offerings are largely concentrated in North America, Europe, and Asia.

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St Andrews participates in the Erasmus Programme and has direct exchanges with universities across Europe.

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University of St Andrews is situated in the small town of St Andrews in rural Fife, Scotland.

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University of St Andrews maintains one of the most extensive university library collections in the United Kingdom, which includes significant holdings of books, manuscripts, muniments and photographs.

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St Andrews University maintains several museums and galleries, open free to the public.

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The chapel of St Salvator's was founded in 1450 by Bishop James Kennedy, and today it is a centre of university life.

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St Andrews is characterised amongst Scottish universities as having a significant number of students who live in university-maintained accommodation.

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St Andrews is home to over 200 student societies which cover a wide range of interests.

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Oldest student society in St Andrews is the University of St Andrews Celtic Society which has run continuously without mergers since 1796.

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Student theatre at the University of St Andrews is funded by the Mermaids Performing Arts fund.

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St Andrews is home to several other private clubs, such as The Kensington Club, founded in 1739 by Alexander Laird Balgonie and is an all-male dining club that organises private events for members.

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The St Andrews Fight Club hosts an annual boxing match, training 20 amateur boxers in an intensive course.

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St Andrews University is currently going through a £14 million five-phase development of the student sports centre which will include a new 400-seat eight-court sports hall, a new reception area and expanded gym facilities.

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One of the most conspicuous traditions at St Andrews is the wearing of academic dress, particularly the distinctive red undergraduate gown of the United College.

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University of St Andrews has appeared in or been referenced by a number of popular media works, in film and literature.

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