11 Facts About St Andrews University

1. St Andrews University has a number of bodies that collectively govern the institution.

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2. St Andrews University offers a number of services to external organisations, businesses and the general public.

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3. St Andrews University was a member of the cross country and track and field teams during his high school days.

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4. The St Andrews University guarantees every first year student a place of accommodation, and many students return to halls in their second, third and final years at St Andrews.

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5. St Andrews University maintains several museums and galleries, open for free to the public.

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6. In 2012 the St Andrews University purchased the vacant Martyrs' Church on North Street, with the purpose of providing reading rooms for the Special Collections department and University research students and staff.

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7. The St Andrews University has teaching facilities, libraries, student housing and other buildings spread throughout the town.

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8. St Andrews University has one of the smallest percentages of students from lower income backgrounds, out of all higher education institutions in the UK.

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9. St Andrews University receives applications mainly through UCAS and the Common Application with the latest figures showing that there are generally 12 applications per undergraduate place available.

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10. St Andrews University's entered the university in 1892, making St Andrews the first university in Scotland to admit female undergraduates on the same level as men.

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11. St Andrews University described it as "pining in decay and struggling for life".

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