24 Facts About Arnim Zola


Arnim Zola is a supervillain appearing in American comic books by Marvel Comics.

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Arnim Zola is a master of biochemistry and a recurring enemy of Captain America and the Avengers.

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When he was first introduced, Arnim Zola was a Nazi scientist experimenting with genetic engineering during World War II.

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Later in life, Arnim Zola transferred his own mind into a sophisticated robot body which protected it by storing it in its chest and displaying a digital image of Arnim Zola's face on its chest plate.

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Arnim Zola was a Swiss biochemist during World War II who became one of the first human genetic engineers in history after finding papers and equipment used by the offshoot race of humanity known as the Deviants.

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Arnim Zola finds a ready home among the Nazi Party, who see his experiments as a means to ensure the existence of the Master Race.

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Arnim Zola uses this machine on Adolf Hitler, creating the Hate-Monger.

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Arnim Zola was later approached by Baron Wolfgang von Strucker into taking part in the establishment of Hydra.

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Red Skull financed some of Arnim Zola's experiments, allowing him to produce such creations as Primus, Doughboy, and Man-Fish.

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Arnim Zola collected DNA samples of Captain America at the time when Red Skull's body began to age rapidly, and used this template to create a new body for his ally.

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Copy of Arnim Zola, who had been impersonating Brian Braddock's mentor Professor Walsh, dies at Meggan's hands.

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Arnim Zola manages to unlock the device's secrets and has a brainwashed Sharon Carter hooked up to it.

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Arnim Zola has built a massive fortress where he is making a massive army of genetically altered soldiers with the intent of conquering Earth.

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Arnim Zola is confronted by his daughter Jet Arnim Zola who refuses to return to her father's side.

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Ian finds and frees Sharon Carter, only to learn that Arnim Zola has a bomb strong enough to destroy all of New York City.

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Arnim Zola later appears as a member of Hydra's High Council at the time when Captain America had previously been brainwashed by Red Skull's clone using the powers of Kobik to be a Hydra sleeper agent.

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Arnim Zola tells Captain America that their subject in the vault is awake but disoriented and that the procedure they did on him is temporary as his condition will degrade quickly.

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Just then, the bio-duplicate of Gorgon is beheaded by Superior Octopus who revealed that Arnim Zola is not the only one who is an expert at cloning.

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Arnim Zola has no natural superpowers, but he is a scientific genius and biochemist specializing in genetics and cloning.

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Arnim Zola is not only capable of creating exact clone copies of his "clients", he has created monsters which are conditioned to do his bidding.

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Arnim Zola constructed a specially modified android body which lacks a head.

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Whenever his body is damaged or utterly destroyed, Arnim Zola is able to send his personality to another one stored elsewhere, thus giving himself a form of immortality.

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Arnim Zola was then able to convince the leader of the Marauders to allow Arnim Zola to commence experiments on him.

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Arnim Zola then took over the Marauders and got them to gather people for his experiments.

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