27 Facts About Hate-Monger


Hate-Monger is the name of several different fictional characters appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

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Hate-Monger first appeared in the small fictional nation of San Gusto in South America, and came to the attention of authorities when he took over with the use of storm troopers, hoping to upset the balance of power in South America.

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The Hate-Monger saw the plane leaving and used a device that traveled underground by the use of flames that carved out tunnels to quickly get to South America.

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However, Reed was paralyzed with nerve gas and captured by the Hate-Monger, who revealed he had been bouncing his ray off the Moon, which had been causing abnormal effects on the tides.

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The Hate-Monger suffered a succession of defeats by Nick Fury, who wrecked the Hate-Monger's attempt to blackmail the nations of Earth with the "Hate-Ray" from an orbiting space station.

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The Hate-Monger eventually allied himself with his old pupil the Red Skull, and the two villains began plotting against each other when they gained possession of the Cosmic Cube, which could only be wielded by one person.

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The Hate-Monger decided to use his mind-transference powers to gain control of the Cube itself, rather than another clone.

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Years later, the Hate-Monger was brought back to physical reality by the Red Skull.

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The Hate-Monger now existed as a being of pure energy, and was able to project the H-Ray at will.

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The Hate-Monger then captured his old foes Captain America, Nick Fury, and the Sub-Mariner, and boasted that they were powerless to stop him.

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New Hate-Monger appeared wearing a version of Captain America's uniform, and is seen murdering illegal immigrants, saying "America belongs to Americans".

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Hate-Monger's is stopped by Rogers who tells her that he has not done anything wrong.

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New Hate-Monger named Josh Glenn eventually emerges in the midst of the Fear Itself storyline.

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The new Hate-Monger then set out to enact his revenge on Black Panther, recruiting a new nationalist vigilante known as the American Panther as part of his scheme, but T'Challa was eventually able to drive the spirit out of its current host.

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Hate-Monger later uses HYDRA's time travel technology to try to alter history by assassinating Barack Obama in 1965, but is prevented from doing so by both Nick Fury and Nick Fury Jr.

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Glenn as Hate-Monger would join the Hellfire Club on an assault on Krakoa.

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Hate-Monger was an ordinary man with no superhuman powers, created as the result of cloning and genetic engineering.

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The Hate-Monger's brain has been "energized" by Arnim Zola's techniques, enabling him to project his consciousness into the brain of a body cloned from his own if his current body is dying.

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Hate-Monger used several such bodies, including one which possessed superhuman strength, but was mute.

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Hate-Monger wears chain-mail body armor under his hood, tunic, and boots.

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Hate-Monger has sometimes worn an armored battle-suit containing an exoskeleton that amplifies his strength to superhuman levels.

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Scientists and technicians in the Hate-Monger's employ, including Arnim Zola, have manufactured and supplied him with a number of other paraphernalia and contrivances.

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Hate-Monger is often armed with his handgun projecting the "Hate-ray" or "H-ray", high frequency microwave radiation that affects the centers of the human brain controlling emotions so as to stimulate and magnify the victims' feelings of dread, fear, and anger to unreasonable levels, including repressed or subconscious sentiments of this kind.

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Hate-Monger had access to large-scale "Hate-ray" projectors, missiles armed with nuclear warheads, disease-carrying bacilli, and various advanced aircraft and spacecraft.

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Hate-Monger was able to regenerate from most wounds and could fire laser-like beams from his eyes.

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Hate-Monger is a good hand-to-hand combatant, and has apparently received some training in physical combat.

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Hate-Monger is discussed by C Richard King and David J Leonard in Beyond Hate: White Power and Popular Culture.

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