9 Facts About Asian Games

1. Top ten ranked NOCs at these Asian Games are listed below.

2. Six official posters for the Incheon Asian Games were released on March 31, 2011.

3. The OCA formally supervised the Asian Games starting with the 1986 Asian Asian Games in South Korea.

4. Thailand offered to help and the Asian Games were held in Bangkok.

5. In Tehran, in 1974, the Asian Games formally recognized the participation of China, North Korea and Mongolia.

6. Consequently, the Far Eastern Asian Games scheduled for 1938 were cancelled.

7. The Far Eastern Asian Games were first held in Manila in 1913 with 6 participating nations.

8. Forty-six nations have participated in the Asian Games, including Israel, which was excluded from the Asian Games after their last participation in 1974.

9. The Asian Games are recognized by the International Olympic Committee and are described as the second largest multi-sport event after the Olympic Asian Games.