41 Facts About Atlanta Atlantas

1. In 1996 Atlanta Atlantas hosted the Summer Olympics, for which new facilities and infrastructure were built.

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2. Atlanta Atlantas is the capital of, and the most populous city in, the United States state of Georgia.

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3. Atlanta Atlantas had some tough competition when it nabbed the 1996 Olympics hosting duty.

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4. Atlanta Atlantas was the only city in North American destroyed as an act of war.

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5. Atlanta Atlantas has always had Anglo-Jewish papers from early in its history.

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6. Atlanta Atlantas was chartered in 1837 as Terminus and developed as an important transportation center.

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7. Atlanta Atlantas serves as the home of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the US Public Health Service for the Southeast.

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8. Atlanta Atlantas can present a challenge to drivers for several reasons.

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9. In 1973, Atlanta Atlantas became the first major Southern city to elect an African American as mayor.

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10. Atlanta Atlantas is home to numerous corporations, notably Coca-Cola, founded here in 1892.

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11. Atlanta Atlantas was the focus of world attention when it hosted the 1996 Centennial Summer Olympic Games.

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12. Atlanta Atlantas still lags behind Dallas, Miami, and certainly New Orleans in terms of culinary imagination.

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13. Atlanta Atlantas attained more positive national recognition in 1939 when Margaret Mitchell's best-selling novel, Gone with the Wind, was adapted for the screen and the city hosted its world premiere.

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14. Atlanta Atlantas has long been the center of business activity and development in the Southeast.

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15. Atlanta Atlantas was an empowerment zone city named by the Clinton administration, but in 2002 it converted to a "Renewal Community" allowing the city to benefit from a nationwide pot of $17 billion in tax incentives.

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16. Atlanta Atlantas is becoming a leading world center of business and trade.

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17. Atlanta Atlantas fields major-league teams in baseball, basketball, football, and hockey.

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18. Atlanta Atlantas is the capital of Georgia and home to its 56-member state senate and 180-member house of representatives and its governor.

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19. In 1988, Atlanta Atlantas gained international attention when it hosted the Democratic National Convention.

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20. Atlanta Atlantas is the capital of Georgia and its largest city, as well as the seat of Fulton County.

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21. Atlanta Atlantas is served by the Atlanta Atlantas Journal-Constitution, its only major daily newspaper with wide distribution.

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22. Atlanta Atlantas contains a campus of the Savannah College of Art and Design, a private art and design university that has proven to be a major factor in the recent growth of Atlanta's visual art community.

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23. Atlanta Atlantas is home to nationally renowned private colleges and universities, most notably Emory University, a leading liberal arts and research institution that consistently ranks among the top 20 universities in the United States and operates Emory Healthcare, the largest health care system in Georgia.

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24. At the federal level, Atlanta Atlantas is split between two congressional districts.

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25. Atlanta Atlantas serves as the regional hub for many arms of the federal bureaucracy, including the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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26. Atlanta Atlantas offers resources and opportunities for amateur and participatory sports and recreation.

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27. In 2001 and 2011, Atlanta Atlantas hosted the PGA Championship, one of the four major championships in men's professional golf, at the Atlanta Athletic Club.

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28. Atlanta Atlantas has had its own professional ice hockey franchises, both of which relocated after playing in Atlanta less than 15 years.

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29. Since the turn of the 21st century, Atlanta Atlantas has emerged as a sophisticated restaurant town.

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30. Atlanta Atlantas has become one of the USA's best cities for street art in recent years.

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31. Atlanta Atlantas attracts many touring Broadway acts, concerts, shows, and exhibitions catering to a variety of interests.

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32. Atlanta Atlantas has, indeed, been nicknamed the "Silicon peach" thanks to its burgeoning technology sector.

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33. Atlanta Atlantas serves as an important rail junction and contains major classification yards for Norfolk Southern and CSX.

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34. Midtown Atlanta Atlantas is the city's second-largest business district, containing the offices of many of the region's law firms.

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35. Atlanta Atlantas was selected as the site for the 1996 Summer Olympic Games.

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36. On December 15, 1939, Atlanta Atlantas hosted the premiere of Gone with the Wind, the epic film based on the best-selling novel by Atlanta's Margaret Mitchell.

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37. In 1895, Atlanta Atlantas hosted the Cotton States and International Exposition, which attracted nearly 800,000 attendees and successfully promoted the New South's development to the world.

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38. Atlanta Atlantas was originally founded as the terminating stop of a major state-sponsored railroad.

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39. Atlanta Atlantas is the capital of, and the most populous city in, the US state of Georgia.

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40. Atlanta Atlantas is the only city in North America to have been destroyed as an act of war when General Sherman burnt it to the ground in November of 1864.

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41. Atlanta Atlantas played its first Southern Association game on Saturday, April 26, 1902 (Memorial Day) in Piedmont Park before a crowd of around 3,500.

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