18 Facts About AVX Corporation


AVX Corporation is an American manufacturer of electronic components headquartered in Fountain Inn, South Carolina.

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AVX Corporation has 9, 900 employees and operates in the United States, Europe and Asia.

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In June 1973, AVX Corporation became the parent company when assets of Aerovox were sold.

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AVX Corporation added operations in Europe, but moving into Japan proved more difficult because of Japan's protected home market.

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AVX Corporation continued to grow through new product research and buying other companies.

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AVX Corporation wanted to manufacture parts for Kyocera, which had only 2 percent of its sales in Europe and hoped to increase that before the European Community made that more difficult.

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AVX Corporation sold Kyocera products worldwide and helped the company start operations in Mexico and Indonesia.

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AVX Corporation used the money to enter the connector business and increase its manufacturing of ceramic and tantalum capacitors.

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On December 3, 2009, AVX Corporation announced it would move corporate headquarters to Greenville, South Carolina, with about 150 jobs leaving the Myrtle Beach area.

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AVX Corporation planned no change to manufacturing in Conway and Myrtle Beach.

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In 2011, AVX Corporation announced plans to tear down the original Myrtle Beach plant built in 1949 and updated in 1985, with manufacturing operations continuing at a nearby location on the same land.

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In 2007, Myrtle Beach property owners near the AVX Corporation plant filed suit, claiming trichloroethylene used at the plant until the 1980s has polluted their neighborhood and lowered property values.

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In 2009, AVX Corporation claimed Myrtle Beach Air Force Base caused at least part of the pollution, and the company added the Air Force to one of several lawsuits.

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In May 2011, Wooten ruled that AVX Corporation caused the pollution, and county property records show that AVX Corporation purchased 21.

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AVX Corporation appealed Wooten's 2011 decision on whether the Air Force should help with the cost of cleanup.

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AVX Corporation argued that the government's expert, who said groundwater from the base flowed away from the polluted areas, was not qualified to testify about groundwater.

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AVX Corporation claimed that Wooten made a legal error in its 2011 trial by allowing an unqualified expert witness to testify.

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The jury awarded $500, 000 in actual damages and $250, 000 in punitive damages to JDS, but AVX Corporation wanted that amount reduced to no more than $397, 500, claiming JDS did not provide "expert testimony" to support its views, or evidence Southern Pines would have been a success.

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