15 Facts About BabyCenter


BabyCenter is an online media company based in San Francisco, New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles that provides information on conception, pregnancy, birth, and early childhood development for parents and expecting parents.

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BabyCenter operates 9 country and region specific properties including websites, apps, emails, print publications, and an online community where parents can connect on a variety of topics.

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BabyCenter LLC is part of the Everyday Health Group, a division of Ziff Davis.

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BabyCenter was founded in October 1997 by Stanford University MBA graduates Matt Glickman and Mark Selcow, who recognized a need for information about pregnancy and parenting on the internet.

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In 2007, BabyCenter debuted a Mandarin-language site in China, initiated operations in India, launched a Spanish language website, and introduced its first mobile site.

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BabyCenter released My Pregnancy Today, its first mobile app, to Apple's App Store in August 2010 and to the Android market in April 2011.

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In 2015, BabyCenter released Mom Feed, its first mobile app for parents of toddlers and older children.

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In 2018, Mom Feed was discontinued and BabyCenter replaced that experience with a separate Child Health content area on its website.

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Also in 2018, BabyCenter launched its mobile baby name generator, the Baby Names app, which, like the web-based Baby Names Finder, leverages data from hundreds of thousands of parents that culminates in its annual Baby Names Report.

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BabyCenter has 9 country and region-specific websites around the world, including sites for the United States, Canada, Australia, Brazil, India, Germany, the United Kingdom, Latin America, and the Arabian Peninsula.

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From its earliest days, BabyCenter has had a community area that allows people to join a group of parents with children born in the same month, known as a Birth Club.

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The MAMA program sparked the creation of MomConnect, an initiative of the South African Department of Health for which BabyCenter developed SMS messages with health information about pregnancy and a child's first year of life.

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BabyCenter helped develop similar messages for mMitra, a voice messaging program in India.

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BabyCenter has won numerous other awards for its editorial content.

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In 2015, BabyCenter won five Digital Health Awards for content about autism in children.

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