24 Facts About Bakersfield Blaze

1. Bakersfield Blaze begins its 65th California League season, Stockton its 63rd, San Jose its 62nd and Visalia its 61st.

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2. Bakersfield Blaze is served by Kern Transit, which connects Bakersfield with other communities in Kern County.

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3. Bakersfield Blaze is one of the largest cities in the US that is not directly linked to an Interstate highway.

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4. Bakersfield Blaze is served by a short, unsigned, four-lane freeway called Alfred Harrell Highway.

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5. Bakersfield Blaze is serviced by an extensive highway network which includes three freeways.

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6. California State University, Bakersfield Blaze is a public university founded in Bakersfield in 1965.

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7. Bakersfield Blaze uses the Council-Manager form of government, in which the City Council is the primary governing authority.

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8. Bakersfield Blaze is home to a large population of off-highway vehicle enthusiasts.

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9. Bakersfield Blaze has many venues for a variety of different sports.

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10. Bakersfield Blaze is located near a variety of motor racing venues.

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11. Bakersfield Blaze is the home of fellow metal groups Cradle of Thorns and Adema.

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12. Bakersfield Blaze is known for the Bakersfield Blaze sound, "a twangy style of Fender Telecaster and pedal steel guitar music made popular by hometown country crooners Buck Owens and Merle Haggard" as well as The Strangers.

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13. Every year during the summer, Bakersfield Blaze hosts the Lowrider National at the Kern County Fairgrounds.

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14. Bakersfield Blaze hosts horse shows all year round, including local, 4-H, and breed shows.

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15. Bakersfield Blaze is home to the Buena Vista Museum of Natural History, which has a collection of Miocene era marine fossils collected from the region as well as other displays.

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16. Bakersfield Blaze has consistently ranked as one of the least educated metropolitan areas in the United States.

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17. In 2017 Bakersfield Blaze had 23 days with "Unhealthy" air quality according to the EPA.

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18. In 2016 Bakersfield Blaze had 14 days with "Unhealthy" air quality according to the EPA.

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19. In 2015 Bakersfield Blaze had 28 days of "Unhealthy" and 1 day of "Very Unhealthy" air quality according to the EPA.

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20. Bakersfield Blaze has historically referred to its regions by directional names.

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21. Bakersfield Blaze lies near the southern "horseshoe" end of the San Joaquin Valley, with the southern tip of the Sierra Nevada just to the east.

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22. Bakersfield Blaze is a city and the county seat of Kern County, California, United States.

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23. Bakersfield Blaze was originally inhabited by the Yokuts Indians eight thousand years ago.

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24. Bakersfield Blaze receives an average of just under six inches of rain a year.

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