16 Facts About BCE Inc


BCE Inc, formerly Bell Canada Enterprises Inc, is a publicly traded Canadian holding company for Bell Canada, which includes telecommunications providers and various mass media assets under its subsidiary Bell Media Inc Founded through a corporate reorganization in 1983 when Bell Canada, Northern Telecom, and other related companies all became subsidiaries of Bell Canada Enterprises Inc, it is one of Canada's largest corporations.

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BCE Inc is headquartered at 1 Carrefour Alexander-Graham-Bell in the Verdun borough of Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

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Under the new parent, each company was owned directly by BCE Inc, which had the benefit of freeing the manufacturing company, Nortel, and other holdings from the heavily regulated telephone company, Bell Canada.

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Under a variety of leaders, BCE Inc has embarked on a series of diversifications, consolidations, and corporate strategies.

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BCE Inc soon embarked on a major diversification into property development, the energy sector, financial services, and other sectors.

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BCE Inc sold Teleglobe two years later; Jean Monty resigned and was succeeded by Michael Sabia as CEO.

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In 2016, BCE Inc announced that it had entered an agreement to acquire Manitoba Telecom Services in a transaction worth $3.

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In 2010 BCE Inc bought out the other owners, acquiring CTV's specialty television, digital media, conventional TV and radio broadcasting platforms.

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In 2009, BCE Inc partnered with the Molson family in acquiring the Montreal Canadiens Hockey Club and the Bell Centre.

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BCE Inc Development was founded as Daon Development by Vancouver-based developer Jack Poole in 1964.

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BCE Inc first entered the American market in 1976 and nearly quadrupled its total assets to $1.

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BCE Inc stated its goal was to convert from a land developer to a developer of prime commercial properties.

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In 1993, BCE Inc sold Montreal Trust to Scotiabank for about $290-million, taking a substantial loss.

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When BCE Inc was created in 1983, Northern Telecom was transferred from a subsidiary of CRTC-regulated Bell Canada to a non-regulated subsidiary of BCE Inc.

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In 2000, BCE Inc spun out Nortel, distributing its stock in Nortel to its shareholders.

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When Memotec purchased international telecommunications carrier Teleglobe Canada from the Canadian government in 1987, the company was renamed Teleglobe Inc In March 2000, BCE announced the purchase of the Teleglobe shares it did not own for $9.

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