51 Facts About Carrefour


Carrefour group was the first in Europe to open a hypermarket, a large supermarket, and a department store under the same roof.

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In May 2011, Carrefour reviewed its business situation under conditions of stagnant growth and increasing competition in France from rivals including Casino Guichard-Perrachon SA, and decided to invest €1.

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In 2017, Carrefour began working with a small French start-up, Expliceat, on a trial basis.

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In 1989, Carrefour became the first international retailer to establish a presence in Asia when it entered Taiwan through a joint venture with Uni President Enterprises Corporation.

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In 2020, Carrefour Taiwan announced they would acquire 199 Wellcome and 25 Jasons Market Place stores from Dairy Farm International.

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In 2009, Carrefour opened its first hypermarket in Lahore under the name of Hyperstar in a joint venture with Majid Al Futtaim Group, where it achieved 1 billion Pakistani rupees in revenues in its first year.

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In 2022, Carrefour announced that more than 150 branches will be opened in Israel.

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Also operated by Majid al Futtaim, Carrefour is very popular in Jordan, with tens of locations dotting the capital and the suburbs; the largest and most frequented would be Carrefour: City Mall in the suburb of Dabuk.

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Carrefour Express are smaller sized stores that operate inside smaller shopping areas, best known is Carrefour Express: Swefieh Avenue, inside the Avenue Mall in Swefieh.

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In September 2017, a second Carrefour outlet opened at the CityMall Dora, replacing a venue formerly held by a Monop' hypermarket.

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The fourth Carrefour is considered a major step for the company's expansion in Lebanon.

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In Oman, Carrefour opened a store in 2001 on the outskirts of the city of Muscat.

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Carrefour now operates 12 Hypermarkets and 3 Supermarkets in Oman.

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Carrefour has 18 franchise operated hypermarkets in Saudi Arabia, with 7 of them being in the capital Riyadh itself.

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Carrefour operates in the United Arab Emirates under Majid al Futtaim.

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On 01 March, 2022, Carrefour opened in City Centre Me'aisem in Dubai its first Bio store.

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Carrefour started its internationalization in Belgium in 1969 by the formation of a strategic alliance with GB Group.

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In 2000 the Carrefour Group took over GB and Carrefour Belgium was officially born.

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In May 2008, EcoPlanet Carrefour was launched selling gas and green energy throughout Belgium.

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In February 2010 Carrefour announced the elimination of 1, 672 jobs and the closure of 21 stores and the possibility of acquisition of 20 stores by the group Mestdagh, its main franchise partner in Belgium.

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Carrefour is considered the 5th retailer in Italy, including lots of franchise stores.

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In 2001, Carrefour entered the Romanian market, expanded into 43 stores.

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Carrefour operates in Spain under the name of Centros Comerciales Carrefour SA.

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In 1999, Carrefour entered the Greek market, in collaboration with Marinopoulos S A, Carrefour had stopped operating in Greece in 2017 due to its acquisition by the Sklavenitis group.

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In November 2011, Carrefour opened its first store in Albania as part of TEG Shopping Center with the same rights as in the European Union and throughout the rest of Europe.

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Carrefour is integrated in the new shopping center in the same format as in other countries extending into a space of about 7000 square meters.

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Carrefour will have a policy of supplying imported products while promoting Albanian products, particularly agro-industrial ones.

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Carrefour opened its first hypermarket in Armenia at Yerevan Mall on 11 March 2015, occupying approximately 10000 square meters.

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Carrefour operates two hypermarkets and ten Carrefour markets in Georgia.

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In 2014, the second Carrefour market was opened at Shopping Mall GTC on Orbeliani Square.

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On 10 November 2015, Carrefour opened its second hypermarket at East Point shopping mall near Kakheti Highway at 2 Aleksandre Tvalchrelidze Street.

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Shortly after the opening, Carrefour opened its third market in Isani district of Tbilisi at 8a Navtlughi Street.

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In 2016, Carrefour opened its fourth Market in City Mall Gldani at 1 Khizanishvili Street.

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Carrefour has 44 outlets under franchise in Egypt, which are often situated in shopping malls and frequented by the Egyptian upper class.

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Carrefour has 13 outlets mostly located in the suburbs of Kenya's capital city, Nairobi.

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The retailer's expansion into Kenya has benefited from the failure of previously-dominant supermarket chains such as Nakumatt and Uchumi as Carrefour rushed in to occupy the retail spaces and market share they vacated.

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In May 2018, Carrefour announced that plans were underway to open a seventh branch at The Village Market as its first 'Carrefour Market' focused predominantly on food items over non-food items.

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In September 2020, Carrefour announced plans to continue its expansion efforts by opening three branches in the coastal city of Mombasa.

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Carrefour has 10 hypermarkets in Morocco, with the most being located in and around the Casablanca metropolitan area.

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Carrefour Maroc is a partner of Label'vie, a Moroccan supermarket chain.

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Carrefour is still expanding its presence in Morocco by opening more supermarkets and hypermarkets to face the settled competition like the Moroccan hypermarket chain Marjane.

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Carrefour has 2 hypermarkets and 70 outlets under MAF in Tunisia.

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Carrefour operates 2 stores in the Ugandan capital city of Kampala.

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In September 2021 Carrefour signed an agreement with Shoprite of South Africa for the former to take over six stores that the latter was vacating in Uganda, no later than 31 December 2021.

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Carrefour Brasil was founded in 1975 and today it is the major supermarkets chain in Brazil under competition with Grupo Pao de Acucar, and currently it sells more than 25 million products per year.

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In 2006, Carrefour sold all 16 stores in Korea to E-Land and exited Korea.

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In 2010, Carrefour announced a decision to leave Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand.

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In November 2010, Carrefour sold its Thailand operations and kept its Malaysian and Singaporean stores.

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Carrefour had already exited Singapore's market since 30 September 2012.

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Carrefour Foundation is a philanthropic fund created by Carrefour in 2000 to support social welfare programmes 'linked to [its] core business as a retailer' in countries the company operates and in countries where its suppliers are located.

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The suit alleged that Carrefour regularly stocked insufficient quantities of advertised products for sale.

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