62 Facts About Calgary


Calgary is the largest city in the western Canadian province of Alberta and the largest metro area of the three Prairie Provinces.

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Calgary's economy includes activity in the energy, financial services, film and television, transportation and logistics, technology, manufacturing, aerospace, health and wellness, retail, and tourism sectors.

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In 2015, Calgary had the highest number of millionaires per capita of any major Canadian city.

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In 2022, Calgary was ranked alongside Zurich as the third most livable city in the world, ranking first in Canada and in North America.

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Calgary was named after Calgary on the Isle of Mull, Scotland, United Kingdom.

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In 2017, the Stoney Nakoda sent an application to the Government of Alberta, to rename Calgary as meaning "elbow town"; however, this was challenged by the Piikani Blackfoot.

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Calgary was a fur trader and surveyor and the first recorded European to visit the area.

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The difficulty in crossing the river and the CPR's efforts to persuade residents resulted in the core of the Calgary townsite moving onto Section 15, with the fate of the old townsite sealed when the post office was anonymously moved across the icy Elbow River during the night.

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Town of Calgary, 1884 turned out to be a success; however, two dark years lay ahead for the fledgling community.

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Travis associated Clarke with the troubles he saw in Calgary and found him guilty, and sentenced Clarke to six months with hard labour.

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Calgary continued to expand when real estate speculation took hold of Calgary in 1889.

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Speculators began buying and building west of Centre Street and Calgary quickly began to sprawl west to the ire of property owners on the east side of town.

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Property owners on both sides of Centre Street sought to bring development to their side of Calgary, lost successfully by east sider James Walker who convinced the Town Council to purchase land on the east side for a stockyard purposes, guaranteeing meat packing and processing plants would be constructed on the east side.

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The economic conditions in Calgary began to deteriorate in 1892, as development in the downtown slowed, the streetcar system started in 1889 was put on hold and smaller property owners began to sell.

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Calgary became the first City in the Northwest Territories, receiving its Charter a decade before Edmonton and Regina, the Calgary Charter would remain enforce until it was repealed with the Cities Act in 1950.

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Calgary was not to be left without higher education facilities as the provincial Normal School opened in the McDougall School building in 1905.

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The Calgary Stampede has continued as a civic tradition for over 100 years, marketing itself as the "greatest outdoor show on earth", with Calgarians sporting western wear for 10 days while attending the annual parade, daily pancake breakfasts.

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Consequently, by 1967, Calgary had more millionaires than any other city in Canada, and per capita, more cars than any city in the world.

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Calgary was the first city in Canada to adopt PR for its city elections.

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Calgary elected its MLAs through PR until 1956 and its councillors through PR until 1971, although mostly using instant-runoff voting, not STV, in the 1960s.

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Calgary endured a six-year recession following the First World War, the rising unemployment rate from reduced manufacturing demand compounded with service men returned from Europe eager to seek work created economic and social unrest.

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Calgary gained further political prominence when R B Bennett's Conservative Party won the 1930 federal election and formed government and became Canada's 11th prime minister.

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Calgary had to wait another decade to have a sitting premier represent the city, when sitting Social Credit Premier William Aberhart moved from his Okotoks-High River to Calgary for the 1940 provincial election after his Okotoks-High River constituents almost successful in recalling the premier.

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University of Calgary gained autonomy as a degree granting institution in 1966 with the passage of the Universities Act by the Alberta Legislature.

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Calgary was one of three finalists, opposed by the Swedish community of Falun and Italian community of Cortina d'Ampezzo.

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Canada Olympic Park was built on the western outskirts of Calgary and hosted bobsled, luge, ski jumping and freestyle skiing.

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Calgary is located at the transition zone between the Canadian Rockies foothills and the Canadian Prairies.

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Calgary is in southern Alberta and is near subarctic climates and near mountains.

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Animals that can be found in and around Calgary include white-tail deer, coyotes, North American porcupines, moose, bats, rabbits, mink, weasels, black bears, raccoons, skunks, and cougars.

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Several of Calgary's neighbourhoods were initially separate municipalities that were annexed by the city as it grew.

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Calgary is recognized as a leader in the Canadian oil and gas industry, and its economy expanded at a significantly higher rate than the overall Canadian economy over the ten-year period from 1999 to 2009.

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Calgary is a distribution and transportation hub with high retail sales.

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Calgary's economy is decreasingly dominated by the oil and gas industry, although it is still the single largest contributor to the city's GDP.

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In Canada, Calgary has the second-highest concentration of head offices in Canada, the most head offices per capita, and the highest head office revenue per capita.

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Oil and gas company office spaces in downtown Calgary are subleasing 40 per cent of their overall vacancies.

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Calgary was designated as one of the cultural capitals of Canada in 2012.

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Calgary is the site of the Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium performing arts, culture and community facility.

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The Calgary Jube is the resident home of the Alberta Ballet Company, the Calgary Opera, and the annual civic Remembrance Day ceremonies.

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Some large theatre companies shares the Arts Commons building in Calgary including One Yellow Rabbit, Theatre Calgary, and Alberta Theatre Projects.

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Calgary is the birthplace of the Theatresports, which are improvisational theatre games.

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Calgary is home to a choral music community, including a variety of amateur, community, and semi-professional groups.

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Calgary is home to several post-secondary institutions that provide credit or non-credit instruction in the arts, including the Alberta University of the Arts, the School of Creative and Performing Arts at the University of Calgary, the Mount Royal University Conservatory, and Ambrose University.

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Downtown Calgary is easily accessed using the CTrain transit system with 9 train stations in the city's downtown core.

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Calgary has multiple private sporting clubs including the Glencoe Club and the Calgary Winter Club.

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In large part due to its proximity to the Rocky Mountains, Calgary has traditionally been a popular destination for winter sports.

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Calgary is the hometown of the Hart wrestling family and the location of the Hart family "Dungeon", where the patriarch of the Hart Family, Stu Hart, trained numerous professional wrestlers including Superstar Billy Graham, Brian Pillman, the British Bulldogs, Edge, Christian, Greg Valentine, Chris Jericho, Jushin Thunder Liger and many more.

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However, as Calgary's population has increased, so has the diversity of its politics.

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City of Calgary is a municipal corporation with a council–manager government structure consisting of a fifteen-member Council elected every four years.

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Calgary is currently split between 10 ridings in the House of Commons of Canada.

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Federal riding of Calgary Heritage was held by former Prime Minister and CPC leader Stephen Harper.

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Harper is the second Prime Minister to represent a Calgary riding; the first was R B Bennett from Calgary West, who held that position from 1930 to 1935.

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Green Party of Canada has made inroads in Calgary, exemplified by results of the 2011 federal election where they achieved 7.

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Canadian Forces Base Calgary was established as Currie Barracks and Harvie Barracks following the Second World War.

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Calgary Transit provides public transportation services throughout the city with regular bus service, bus rapid transit, and light rail transit .

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Calgary International Airport, in the city's northeast, is a major transportation and cargo hub for much of central and western Canada.

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Calgary has four major adult acute care hospitals and one major pediatric acute care site: the Alberta Children's Hospital, the Foothills Medical Centre, the Peter Lougheed Centre, the Rockyview General Hospital and the South Health Campus.

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Calgary is home to the Tom Baker Cancer Centre, the Grace Women's Health Centre, which provides a variety of care, and the Libin Cardiovascular Institute.

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The Faculty of Medicine of the University of Calgary operates in partnership with Alberta Health Services, by researching cancer, cardiovascular, diabetes, joint injury, arthritis and genetics.

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Calgary has a number of unique schools, including the country's first high school exclusively designed for Olympic-calibre athletes, the National Sport School.

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Broadcasts stations serving Calgary include CICT 2, CFCN 4, CKAL 5, CBRT 9, CKCS 32, and CJCO 38 .

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City of Calgary maintains trade development programs, cultural and educational partnerships in twinning agreements with six cities:.

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Calgary is one of nine Canadian cities, out of the total of 98 cities internationally, that is in the New York City Global Partners, Inc organization, which was formed in 2006 from the former Sister City program of the City of New York, Inc.

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