55 Facts About Chattanooga


Chattanooga is a city in and the county seat of Hamilton County, Tennessee, along the Tennessee River bordering Georgia.

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Chattanooga was a crucial city during the American Civil War, due to the multiple railroads that converge there.

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Chattanooga remains a transit hub in the present day, served by multiple Interstate highways and railroad lines.

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Chattanooga is internationally known from the 1941 hit song "Chattanooga Choo Choo" by Glenn Miller and his orchestra.

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Chattanooga's railroads were vital to the Confederacy's transportation of raw material to processing plants for producing small arms munitions.

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Largest flood in Chattanooga's history occurred in 1867, before the Tennessee Valley Authority system was created in 1933 by Congress.

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Chattanooga was a major priority in the design of the TVA reservoir system and remains a major operating priority in the 21st century.

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In December 1906, Chattanooga was in the national headlines in United States v Shipp, as the United States Supreme Court, in the only criminal trial in its history, ruled that Hamilton County Sheriff Joseph H Shipp had violated Ed Johnson's civil rights when Shipp allowed a mob to enter the Hamilton County jail and lynch Johnson on the Walnut Street Bridge.

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Chattanooga grew with the entry of the United States in the First World War in 1917; the nearest training camp was in Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia.

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Olgiati's efforts, Chattanooga became the first city in Tennessee to have a completed interstate highway system in the latter 1960s.

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In February 1958, Chattanooga became one of the smallest cities in the country with three VHF television stations: WROM-TV channel 9, WRGP-TV channel 3, and WDEF-TV channel 12 .

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Since the beginning of the 21st century, the city of Chattanooga has grown, attracting people from out of state and even out of the country.

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Chattanooga launched the first one-gigabit-per-second Internet service in the United States in September 2010, provided through the city-owned utility EPB.

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The most prominent natural features in and around Chattanooga are the Tennessee River and the surrounding mountains.

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Downtown Chattanooga has a wide variety of entertainment, dining, cultural and architectural attractions, including the Tennessee Aquarium, opened in 1992; the Creative Discovery Museum, opened in 1995; and the historic Walnut Street Bridge, reopened in 1993.

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Chattanooga has buildings with historical significance, such as The Read House Hotel, the Chattanooga Choo-Choo Hotel, the Maclellan Building, the Dome Building, and the Tivoli Theatre.

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Downtown Chattanooga has four main bridges over the Tennessee River: the Walnut Street Bridge, the Market Street Bridge, the Olgiati Bridge, and the Veterans Memorial Bridge.

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Downtown Chattanooga parks include Coolidge Park, Renaissance Park, Miller Park, Miller Plaza and Main Terrain Art Park.

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Since the opening of the aquarium, downtown Chattanooga has received over $5 billion of private investment, including nearly $1 billion from 2014 to 2018.

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Chattanooga was the profile city of the August 2007 edition of US Airways Magazine.

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Chattanooga-based businesses have been recognized for their investment in solar energy.

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In December 2009, Chattanooga was ranked 8th out of America's 100 largest metro areas for the best "Bang For Your Buck" city, according to Forbes magazine, which measured overall affordability, housing rates, and more.

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Chattanooga has many buildings and three neighborhoods on the National Register of Historic Places: Ferger Place, Fort Wood, and St Elmo.

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Additionally, Chattanooga has several local historic districts: Battery Place, Glenwood, Missionary Ridge, M L King, and Stringer's Ridge.

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Chattanooga is the sixth fastest warming city in the United States due to climate change.

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Chattanooga's economy includes a diversified and growing mix of manufacturing and service industries.

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In 2019, Volkswagen Chattanooga announced plans to expand its Chattanooga-based plant to construct electric vehicles.

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Chattanooga went from zero investable capital in 2009 to over $50 million in 2014.

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Chattanooga inspected wastewater management, storm water management, traffic control and medical diagnostics applications, as well as operations of a smart lighting and camera system that allows the police to control public lighting and see what is happening in heavy crime areas.

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Chattanooga has a wide range of performing arts in different venues.

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Since 2014, Chattanooga has been home to the Chattanooga Film Festival, an annual film festival.

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Chattanooga was the home of the NCAA Division I Football Championship game, which was held at Finley Stadium in Chattanooga, from 1997 to 2009.

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University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Mocs compete in NCAA Division I and the Southern Conference.

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Chattanooga is home to several semi-professional football teams, including the Tennessee Crush and the Chattanooga Steam.

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The Chattanooga Steam plays at Lookout Valley High School near Lookout Mountain.

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From 2009 to 2019, Chattanooga FC played in the National Premier Soccer League, but is moved to an unsanctioned professional league in 2020.

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In 2019, Chattanooga FC became one of the founding members of NPSL's Founders Cup, a group of eleven teams playing a professional tournament in the fall before forming a fully professional league in 2020.

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Chattanooga is home to several rugby teams: the Chattanooga Rugby Football Club, Nooga Red, Nooga Black, men's Old Boys, a women's rugby team, men's and women's teams at UTC, and an all-city high school team.

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The Championships' debut in Chattanooga marked the first time in the event's 29-year history that women were allowed to compete for professional national titles.

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Chattanooga has been a member of the League of American Bicyclists' Bronze level since October 2003, the only city in Tennessee to be a member of the organization before Knoxville and Nashville joined in 2010 and 2012, respectively.

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In September 2004, the city appointed its first-ever executive director of Outdoor Chattanooga to implement the organization's mission, which includes promoting bicycling for transportation, recreation, and active living.

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For paddlers, Chattanooga offers the Tennessee River Blueway, a 50-mile recreational section of the Tennessee River that flows through Chattanooga and the Tennessee River Gorge.

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Since 2008, Chattanooga has hosted the Skyhoundz World Canine Disc Championship, the crowning event of the largest disc dog competition series in the world.

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City of Chattanooga is served by numerous local, regional, and national media outlets which reach approximately one million people in four states: Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, and North Carolina.

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Chattanooga Pulse is a free weekly alternative newspaper, published every Wednesday, that focuses primarily on arts, music, film and culture.

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Chattanooga is served by the following AM and FM radio stations:.

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In 1987 twelve African American city residents filed a complaint, Brown v Board of Commissioners of the City of Chattanooga, alleging that the commission-style government violated their civil rights, including the Voting Rights Act of 1965, by diluting the minority black vote.

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Chattanooga is represented in the United States House of Representatives by Chuck Fleischmann, who represents the 3rd District.

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Chattanooga is the location of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Tennessee's Southern Division, which is housed in the Joel W Solomon Federal Courthouse.

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The Siskin Children's Institute in Chattanooga is a specialized institution in the field of early childhood special education.

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Chattanooga State Community College is a two-year community college with a total undergraduate enrollment of roughly 8150 students in 2018.

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Chattanooga is home to a branch of the University of Tennessee College of Medicine, which provides medical education to third- and fourth-year medical students, residents, and other medical professionals in southeast Tennessee through an affiliation with Erlanger Health System.

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Chattanooga has three hospital systems: Erlanger Health System, Parkridge Hospital System, and CHI Memorial Hospital System.

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Chattanooga has been referred to in pop culture numerous times over the decades, including in books, documentaries, films, TV shows, and more.

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In recent years, Chattanooga has appeared in more productions of blockbuster movies and TV shows, as well as independent films and documentaries.

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