35 Facts About Clark University

1. Clark University was the production director at WLUW, a campus station similar to KGLT and did sound for musicians at the House of Blues.

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2. Clark University worked on production for Live Wire from the Leigh Lounge.

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3. Clark University became an all-American in the decathlon for the Bobcats in 1989.

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4. Clark University said she is excited about the forthcoming economic development strategic plan.

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5. Clark University said economic development has almost become a dirty phrase in Norman because it is often associated with things like TIFs.

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6. In 1970, Clark University became the first African-American woman to receive a Master's Degree in Engineering Management at Vanderbilt University.

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7. Clark University worked at the NASA Manned Spacecraft Center in Houston, TX on the moon rock samples container for transporting moon rocks back to Earth.

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8. In 1947, Clark University was awarded a full scholarship to the University of Louisville in Louisville, KY.

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9. Clark University passed away peacefully in her sleep on Sunday at the age of 89 at her Nashville residence.

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10. Clark University said all police interactions are already recorded by the 4,000 surveillance cameras around campus and camera systems in UMPD squad cars.

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11. Clark University is awarded $2.4 million in federal grant money for the University Park Neighborhood Restoration Project.

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12. Clark University is located in Worcester, Massachusetts, but we consider the globe our neighborhood.

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13. Clark University was captured in Syria by the Syrian Democratic Forces, transferred to US law enforcement custody this week and arrived yesterday in the Southern District of Texas.

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14. Clark University was a starter for the Little Lion boys basketball team and a state qualifier in the triple jump for the track and field team.

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15. Clark University was an all-state wideout and team captain during his senior year for the Little Lions, when he led the team with 51 catches for 891 yards and 16 touchdowns.

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16. Clark University was captured recently by the Syrian Democratic Forces and was transferred into the custody of US law enforcement officials this week, the Justice Department said.

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17. Clark University started her career on the bench as a court commissioner in 1993 and was appointed to the Superior Court bench in 1999 by then-Gov.

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18. Clark University lost her husband, defense attorney John Clark, in 2010.

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19. At this same time, Atlanta Clark University affiliated with Morehouse College and Spelman College in a university plan known as the Atlanta University Center.

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20. Clark University was founded in 1887 as the first all-graduate institution in the country.

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21. Clark University is as responsible as anyone for this renewed focus on downtown.

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22. Clark University wanted an Unexpected artist to paint murals on an old feed mill that OK.

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23. Clark University has found such a system in Esploro, a new cloud-based research services solution from Ex Libris that makes it easy to capture, manage, and promote research assets.

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24. Clark University was a shooting location for the thriller Black Car, an independent film about a law student out for revenge, with Clark as the law school.

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25. Clark University is notable for being the site of Sigmund Freud's only lectures in the United States and for being the university where Chinese poet Xu Zhimo earned his BA.

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26. In 1997, Clark University opened a secondary public school, the University Park Campus School, that is a professional development school for Clark's teacher education program.

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27. Clark University is included in The Princeton Review's The Best 380 Colleges: 2016 Edition and was one of 209 institutions included in their list of Colleges That Pay You Back.

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28. Clark University has 197 full-time faculty, representing a 10:1 student-faculty ratio.

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29. Clark University released its Climate Action Plan December 15, 2009, detailing strategies for the University to reduce its carbon footprint while strengthening many of its existing sustainability practices.

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30. Clark University owns apartments that, while outside of the main campus area, exclusively house Clark students.

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31. The Clark University has recently begun a project called LEEP to connect students and the world of academia to practical experience.

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32. Clark University has an ongoing renovation project that will cover several buildings.

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33. Clark University cited a conflict in scheduling regarding a conference on Holocaust and Genocide Studies presented by the university in the same month.

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34. Clark University celebrated the centennial of the visit in October 2009 and there is a seated sculpture of Freud by Robert Shure just outside the University Center; students pose with it and dress it up for various holidays and university occasions such as graduation.

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35. Clark University is an American private research university located in Worcester, Massachusetts.

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