25 Facts About CNN International


CNN International is an international television channel that is owned by CNN Global.

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CNN International carries news-related programming worldwide; it cooperates with sister network CNN's national and international news bureaus.

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Unlike its sister channel, CNN, a North American only subscription service, CNN International is carried on a variety of TV platforms across the world, and broadcast from studios inside and outside the US, in Atlanta, New York City, London, Mumbai, Hong Kong, and Abu Dhabi.

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The makeover of CNN International has subject to a lot of criticism on both the new prime time lineup and the redesigned graphics.

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In 2010, CNN International launched new programs for its evening lineup in order to improve its schedule.

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In 2011, programs from CNN U S were added to the CNN International schedule, including the talk program Piers Morgan Live which was later cancelled and replaced with CNN Tonight hosted by Don Lemon.

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In 2019, CNN International announced it was reducing its programming and staff based in London to reduce costs, with CNNI losing $10 million per year.

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CNN International has reported that its broadcast agreement in mainland China includes an arrangement that its signal must pass through a Chinese-controlled satellite.

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CNN International has said that its broadcasts are not widely available in mainland China, but rather only in certain diplomatic compounds, hotels, and apartment blocks.

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In 2019, CNN International announced it was reducing its programming and staff based in London to reduce costs.

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CNN International HD is the high-definition simulcast feed of the channel broadcasting at 1920x1080i, which was launched in September 2012.

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In February 2013, the European SD feed of CNN International began broadcasting in widescreen by downscaling the HD feed, which resulted in all 4:3-native programming being broadcast in pillarbox until the June 3 switchover, and finalized on June 17 of the same year, when the switchover was completed.

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CNN International Pipeline was the name of a paid subscription service, its corresponding website, and a content delivery client that provided streams of live video from up to four sources, on-demand access to CNN International stories and reports, and optional pop-up "news alerts" to computer users.

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In early 2008, CNN International began maintaining a live streaming broadcast available to those who receive CNN International at home.

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CNN International is broadcast live, as part of the RealNetworks SuperPass subscription outside the U S CNN offers several RSS feeds and podcasts.

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CNN International reported that they took preventive measures after news broke of the impending attack.

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CNN International has a channel in the popular video-sharing site YouTube, but its videos can only be viewed in the United States, a source of criticism among YouTube users worldwide.

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CNN International placed a live chat with Benjamin Netanyahu on the network in 1998.

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CNN is one of the world's largest news organizations, and its international channel, CNN International is the leading international news channel in terms of viewer reach.

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Unlike the BBC and its network of reporters and bureaus, CNN International makes extensive use of affiliated reporters that are local to, and often directly affected by, the events they are reporting.

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Pictures used by CNN International are allegedly edited to have completely different meanings from the original ones.

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CNN International issued a detailed response to Lyon's claims about its coverage of Bahrain.

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Lyon claimed on the Russian news channel RT that CNN reporters, headed by Maddox, have been instructed to over-cover Iran as a form of propaganda, and that CNN International has been paid by the Bahraini government to produce and air news segments intentionally painting them in a positive light.

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CNN International became the official broadcaster of one of the biggest events of the UAE in 2021, when Dubai was hosting the Expo 2020.

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The rights groups notified of the UAE's poor human rights and women's rights records They further urged for CNN International to be transparent about its dealings with the Arab nation.

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