33 Facts About Dave Keon


David Michael Keon was born on March 22,1940 and is a Canadian former professional ice hockey centre.

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Dave Keon played professionally from 1960 to 1982, including 15 seasons with the Toronto Maple Leafs, and was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1986.

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Dave Keon was inducted into the Ontario Sports Hall of Fame in 2010.

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On October 16,2016, as part of the Toronto Maple Leafs centennial celebrations, Dave Keon was named the greatest player in the team's history.

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In 2017 Dave Keon was named one of the 100 Greatest NHL Players in NHL history.

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Dave Keon was selected as the league's rookie of the year, finishing second in scoring, and his team won the league championship.

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Dave Keon played for St Michael's through the end of the 1960 season, when he turned professional and joined the Sudbury Wolves of the Eastern Professional Hockey League for four playoff games.

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Dave Keon was considered one of the fastest skaters in the NHL, and one of the best defensive forwards of his era.

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Dave Keon was named team captain on October 31,1969, succeeding George Armstrong who was said to be retiring from hockey.

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Armstrong returned to the Leafs two weeks later and played for another two seasons, but Dave Keon remained captain and would wear the C through the rest of his years with the Leafs.

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Harold Ballard, who had become the Leafs' majority owner in March 1972, said that Dave Keon did not provide the leadership the team needed during the previous season and was refusing to give Dave Keon a big salary increase after a poor year.

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Dave Keon signed a letter of intent with the Nationals, and received a $50,000 cheque from the team, but the deal fell apart just before training camp.

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When Dave Keon's contract expired at the end of the season, Ballard made it clear that there was no place for him on the Leafs.

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The Leafs believed they had some strong young prospects at centre who needed more ice time, and Dave Keon was again asking for a contract with a no-trade clause.

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The 35-year-old Dave Keon was told he could make his own deal with another NHL team, but any club signing him would have been required to provide compensation to the Leafs.

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The team, and Dave Keon, played well, but the team struggled badly financially.

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Dave Keon was expected to return to the NHL and was not included in the dispersal sale of Saints players to other WHA teams.

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The NHL's New York Islanders wanted Dave Keon, but needed to negotiate a deal for his NHL rights with the Leafs.

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Again, the Leafs' asking price was too high, and a disappointed Dave Keon signed with the WHA's Indianapolis Racers in March 1976.

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Dave Keon was briefly the property of the Edmonton Oilers who immediately traded him to the New England Whalers in January 1977.

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Dave Keon would remain with the Whalers through the rest of his career.

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Dave Keon returned to the NHL in 1979 when the renamed Hartford Whalers became one of four WHA teams to join the NHL.

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Nevertheless, even though Dave Keon was not protected from reclamation by the Whalers in the reclamation draft, the Maple Leafs declined to reclaim their former captain, allowing him to remain in Hartford.

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Dave Keon played two more seasons with the Whalers and announced his retirement on June 30,1982, at age 42.

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Dave Keon was the last active player who played an full season in the Original Six era.

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Bitter over his treatment by Ballard and the Leafs, Dave Keon refused for many years to have any relationship with the Leafs organization, even after Ballard's death and after the club changed ownership several times.

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Dave Keon turned down several offers of reconciliation from the team, including an invitation to the closing ceremony for Maple Leaf Gardens in 1999 and a proposed ceremony to honour his number.

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On March 22,1991, with the Leafs under new management after Ballard's death, Dave Keon played on a team of Leaf all-stars against their counterparts from the Montreal Canadiens in an old-timers game at Maple Leaf Gardens called Legends' Night in Canada.

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In January 2007, the Toronto Maple Leafs announced that Dave Keon would attend a pre-game ceremony to honour its 1967 Stanley Cup-winning team.

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Dave Keon was one of several members of the 1967 team to appear on-ice at the Air Canada Centre before the Leafs' game on February 17,2007 — the 80th anniversary of the first game played by the Toronto franchise after being renamed the Maple Leafs in 1927.

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Dave Keon was introduced to the crowd second last, just prior to 1967 captain George Armstrong, and received a long standing ovation.

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On February 16,2013, Dave Keon was a part of a pre-game ceremony honouring the 1963 Stanley Cup-winning Leafs team.

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Dave Keon similarly appeared on February 8,2014, with other members of the 1964 Cup winners.

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