20 Facts About East Pakistan

1. East Pakistan was a Pakistani province established in 1955 by the One Unit Policy, renaming the province as such from East Bengal, which nowadays is split up between India and Bangladesh.

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2. In 1971, East Pakistan became the newly independent state Bangladesh, which means "state of Bengal" in Bengali.

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3. East Pakistan was renamed from East Bengal by the One Unit scheme of Pakistani Prime Minister Mohammad Ali of Bogra.

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4. The 1969 uprising in East Pakistan contributed to Ayub Khan's overthrow.

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5. The federal government invested more funds and foreign aid in West Pakistan, even though East Pakistan generated a major share of exports.

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6. East Pakistan called Bengal 'Bang-e-Islam' and included all of Bengal, West Bengal too.

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7. East Pakistan ended its dominion status and adopted a republican constitution in 1956, which proclaimed an Islamic republic.

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8. Suhrawardy of East Pakistan was appointed prime minister of Pakistan.

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9. East Pakistan tried unsuccessfully to alleviate the food shortage in the country.

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10. When it became obvious that military action in East Pakistan was inevitable, Admiral Ahsan resigned from his position as martial law administrator in protest, and immediately flew back to Karachi, West Pakistan.

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11. Colonel MOG Osmani was appointed the Commander in Chief of Liberation Forces and whole East Pakistan was divided into eleven sectors headed by eleven sector commanders.

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12. East Pakistan installed a civilian administration under Abdul Motaleb Malik on 31 August 1971, which proved to be ineffective.

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13. On 16 December 1971, the territory of East Pakistan was handed over to Indian Army under the surrender agreement from West Pakistan and in the Simla Agreement became the newly independent state of Bangladesh.

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14. In contrast to the desert and rugged mountainous terrain of West Pakistan, East Pakistan featured the world's largest delta, 700 rivers, and tropical hilly jungles.

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15. Discrimination occurred despite the fact that East Pakistan generated a major share of Pakistan's exports.

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16. Economists in East Pakistan argued a "Two Economies Theory" within Pakistan itself, which was founded on the Two-Nation Theory with India.

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17. East Pakistan was home to immigrant Muslims from across the Indian subcontinent, including West Bengal, Bihar, Sindh, Gujarat, the Northwest Frontier Province, Assam, Orissa, the Punjab and Kerala.

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18. The first movie produced in East Pakistan was The Face and the Mask in 1955.

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19. The armed forces of East Pakistan consisted of the paramilitary organisation, the Razakars from the intelligence unit of the ISI's Covert Action Division.

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20. East Pakistan launched and orchestrated the large-scale atomic bomb project in 1972.

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