25 Facts About Pakistan Army

1. Pakistan Army initially garrisoned its troops in military bases and forts in the tribal areas until several high-profile terrorist attacks inside Pakistan and assassination attempts on Pervez Musharraf in May 2004.

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2. Pakistan Army has sent military advisers, ammunition and other equipment to Sri Lanka during previous offensives against the LTTE.

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3. Many people in Pakistan Army blamed Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for retreating from Kargil under American pressure.

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4. The Indian Pakistan Army, alerted to the presence of these militants, responded quickly and massed a force of around 30,000 men to re-take the Kargil hills.

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5. The Indian Pakistan Army routinely abandoned the bunkers in the winter due to the cold and snow and re-occupied them in the spring.

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6. Pakistan Army would emerge with an improved tactical advantage along the LOC and bring the Siachen Glacier conflict to the forefront of international resolution.

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7. Pakistan Army had recently been placed under US military sanctions for developing nuclear weapons and the Pakistani military hierarchy believed that they did not have the proper military deterrent if the situation escalated.

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8. Pakistan Army had sent numerous military advisers to Jordan and Syria to help in their training and military preparations for any potential war with Israel.

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9. Pakistan Army experienced combat almost immediately in the First Kashmir War when it sent its forces into Kashmir.

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10. Pakistan Army had a dangerously low ammunition reserve of only one week.

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11. At present, Pakistan Army has the largest number of its personnel acting under the United Nations with the number standing at 10,173 as of 31 March 2007.

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12. The history of the modern-day military of Pakistan Army began in 1947, when Pakistan achieved its independence as a modern nation-state.

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13. In 2010, the Pakistan Army was awarded with a gold medal at the Exercise Cambrian Patrol held in Wales in the United Kingdom.

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14. Pakistan Army builds major civil engineering landmarks in the country, including the Karakoram Highway, Skardu Airport, and the national security sites in Kahuta.

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15. Pakistan Army has a military division dedicated towards conducting the unconventional and asymmetric warfare operations, established with the guidance provided by the United States Army in 1956.

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16. Pakistan Army has only one bootcamp that is located in Kakul at the Pakistan Military Academy where basic training takes place.

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17. In 1948, the British army officers in the Pakistan Army established and raised the 10th, 12th, and the 14th infantry divisions—with the 14th being established in East Bengal.

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18. Pakistan Army came into its modern birth from the division of the British Indian Army that ceased to exist as a result of the partition of India that resulted in the creation of Pakistan on 14 August 1947.

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19. Pakistan Army is the principle land warfare uniformed service branch of the Pakistan Armed Forces.

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20. Pakistan Army has a noteworthy sports program with elite athletes in many sports disciplines.

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21. Pakistan Army has been involved in relief activities not only in Pakistan but in many other countries of the world, such as the relief activities after Bangladesh was hit by floods.

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22. Pakistan Army has played an integral part in the civil society of Pakistan, almost since its inception.

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23. Pakistan Army is divided into two main branches, which are Arms and Services.

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24. The Indian Pakistan Army conquered around 360 square kilometres–500 square kilometres (193 square miles) of Pakistani territory on the outskirts of Lahore.

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25. Pakistan Army is the land-based force of the Pakistan Armed Forces.

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