6 Facts About English Irish

1. The English Irish have been the largest source of immigrants to Britain for over 200 years and as many as six million people in the UK are estimated to have at least one Irish grandparent.

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2. The English Irish were one of the most significant groups who took advantage of the demand for labour and moved there, and consequently many people in Sunderland today have Irish heritage.

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3. The English Irish have come to be as much of a staple of Merseyside in general, as of Liverpool itself.

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4. The English Irish redefined aspects of Keighley as a town significantly.

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5. The English Irish contributed to its population growth from around 9000 in 1800, to 25000 by the middle of the century.

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6. Many of these newly arriving people were English Irish escaping the Great Famine, and could easily take advantage of all the work Bradford had on offer due to the ease to reach there from Ireland.

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