29 Facts About Evita Peron

1. Evita Peron broke gender barriers in Argentina by campaigning with her husband, who won Argentina's 1946 presidential election.

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2. Eva Duarte de Evita Peron was the second wife and political partner of President Juan Peron of Argentina.

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3. Evita Peron justified his meeting with Pinochet stating that it was important to keep good relations with Chile under all circumstances and with whoever might be in government.

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4. Evita Peron would have conceded on moving these exiles from the frontiers to eastern Argentina, but he warned "Peron takes his time, but accomplishes".

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5. Evita Peron expressed his wishes to settle the Beagle conflict and Pinochet his concerns about Chilean exiles in Argentina near the frontier with Chile.

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6. Evita Peron maintained a full schedule of policy meetings with both government officials and chief base of support, the CGT.

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7. Evita Peron was accompanied by Campora, whose first measures were to grant amnesty to all political prisoners and re-establish relations with Cuba, helping Fidel Castro break the United States embargo against Cuba.

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8. Evita Peron was banned from running, but a stand-in, Dr Hector Campora, a left-wing Peronist and his personal representative, won the election and took office on 25 May On 20 June 1973, Peron returned from Spain to end his 18-year exile.

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9. Evita Peron backed a "Popular Union" in 1962, and when its candidate for governor of Buenos Aires Province (Andres Framini) was elected, Frondizi was forced to resign by the military.

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10. Evita Peron signed an important exploration contract with Standard Oil of California, in May 1955, consolidating his new policy of substituting the two largest sources of that era's chronic trade deficits with local production brought in through foreign investment.

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11. In March 1954, Evita Peron called Vice-Presidential elections to replace the late Hortensio Quijano, which his candidate won by a nearly two-to-one margin.

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12. Evita Peron called employers and unions to a Productivity Congress to regulate social conflict through dialogue, but the conference failed without reaching an agreement.

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13. Evita Peron sought out other Jewish Argentines as government advisers, besides Ber Gelbard.

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14. In 1938, Evita Peron was sent to many countries of Europe to study them.

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15. Evita Peron established the Eva Evita Peron Foundation in 1948, which was perhaps the greatest contribution to her husband's social policy.

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16. The next year, Evita Peron appointed a scientific team to investigate Richter's activities.

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17. Evita Peron announced in 1951 that the Huemul Project would produce nuclear fusion before any other country.

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18. Evita Peron had the Department of Labour elevated to a cabinet-level secretariat in November 1943.

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19. Evita Peron was assigned by the War Ministry to study mountain warfare in the Italian Alps in 1939.

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20. Evita Peron was recruited by supporters of the director of the War Academy, General Jose Felix Uriburu, to collaborate in the latter's plans for a military coup against President Hipolito Yrigoyen.

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21. Evita Peron married his first wife, Aurelia Tizon, on 5 January 1929.

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22. Evita Peron began his military career in an Infantry post in Parana, Entre Rios.

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23. Evita Peron met Colonel Juan Evita Peron there on 22 January 1944 during a charity event at the Luna Park Stadium to benefit the victims of an earthquake in San Juan, Argentina.

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24. In 2011, two giant murals of Evita Peron were unveiled on the building facades of the current Ministry of Social Development, located on 9 de Julio Avenue.

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25. In many homes, the image of Evita Peron is on the wall next to the Virgin.

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26. At the mass rally, the crowd demanded that Evita Peron publicly announce her candidacy as vice president.

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27. In 1951, Evita Peron set her sights on earning a place on the ballot as candidate for vice-president.

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28. On 9 October 1945 Juan Evita Peron was arrested by his opponents within the government who feared that, due to the strong support of the descamisados, the workers and the poor of the nation, Peron's popularity might eclipse that of the sitting president.

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29. In 1951, Eva Evita Peron announced her candidacy for the Peronist nomination for the office of Vice President of Argentina, receiving great support from the Peronist political base, low-income and working-class Argentines who were referred to as descamisados or "shirtless ones".

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