12 Facts About Farmer-Labor Party


Farmer-Labor Party dissolved in 1936 and was succeeded with the Minnesota Farmer–Labor Farmer-Labor Party.

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Similar independent Labor Farmer-Labor Party movements emerged in New York, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Ohio, and North Dakota.

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The official organ of the Farmer–Labor Farmer-Labor Party was a newspaper published in Chicago called The New Majority.

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At the close of the conference, the Farmer–Labor Farmer-Labor Party delegation announced that they would no longer affiliate with the CPPA.

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The Workers Farmer-Labor Party was anxious to participate in the FLP Convention as part of their united front strategy.

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The Workers Farmer-Labor Party seems to have made every effort to capture a majority at the gathering.

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Workers Farmer-Labor Party gained a majority for its program and established a "Federated Farmer–Labor Farmer-Labor Party" at this convention.

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The Socialist Farmer-Labor Party sought the establishment of an American "Labor Farmer-Labor Party" via the CPPA—and failed.

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The Workers Farmer-Labor Party successfully "captured" the Farmer–Labor Farmer-Labor Party organization, only to lose the allegiance of the mass organizations with which they so eagerly desired to unite.

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June 1924 Convention of the Farmer–Labor Farmer-Labor Party was attended by over 500 delegates representing 26 states.

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Demise of the Federated Farmer–Labor Farmer-Labor Party did not mean an end to the Farmer–Labor Farmer-Labor Party movement, however.

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The regular Farmer–Labor Farmer-Labor Party continued to exist at the state level, with state and local organizations in Minnesota, Colorado, Utah, Illinois, Kentucky, Montana, New York, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Missouri, Washington, the Dakotas, and elsewhere.

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