21 Facts About Felipe Calderón

1. Felipe Calderon became the PAN's secretary-general in 1993 when his political mentor, Carlos Castillo Peraza, assumed the party presidency.

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2. In 2006, Mexican President Felipe Calderon adopted the method and soon it became the heart of US  and Latin American strategy for its "war on drugs.

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3. Felipe Calderon expressed his hopes that something be done to clear up the status of undocumented Mexican immigrants in the US.

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4. Felipe Calderon was expected to mediate with 'free market' Latin American countries.

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5. Felipe Calderon launched Seguro Popular to make this policy a reality.

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6. Felipe Calderon left the post in May 2004 in protest of Vicente Fox's criticism of his presidential ambitions while supporting those of Santiago Creel.

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7. Felipe Calderon joined the presidential cabinet as Secretary of Energy, replacing Ernesto Martens.

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8. Felipe Calderon was a local representative in the Legislative Assembly and, on two different occasions, in the federal Chamber of Deputies.

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9. Felipe Calderon spent most of his life working within the party and spent most of his free time promoting the PAN.

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10. Felipe Calderon is the youngest of five brothers and son of Carmen Hinojosa Calderon and the late Luis Calderon Vega.

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11. Felipe Calderon was a member of the National Action Party for thirty years before quitting the party in November 2018.

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12. Felipe Calderon made immigration reform one of his main priorities, and in 2008 he and the Mexican Congress passed a bill decriminalizing undocumented immigration into Mexico.

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13. Felipe Calderon had been a proponent of the Mesoamerican Integration and Development Project which was now merged with a similar funding and infrastructure project, the Puebla-Panama Plan, started during the Fox administration.

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14. Felipe Calderon was president of the PAN's youth movement in his early twenties.

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15. In 2007, Felipe Calderon established ProMexico, a public trust fund that promotes Mexico's interests in international trade and investment.

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16. Felipe Calderon sanctioned Operation Michoacan, the first large-scale deployment of federal troops against the drug cartels.

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17. Felipe Calderon served as National President of the party, Federal Deputy, and Secretary of Energy in Vicente Fox's cabinet.

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18. Prior to the presidency, Felipe Calderon received two master's degrees and went on to work within the PAN while it was still an important opposition party.

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19. Throughout his office, Felipe Calderon has been awarded several honors from foreign nations.

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20. Felipe Calderon created the largest number of universities in the history of Mexico.

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21. The elder Felipe Calderon occupied state posts and served a term as federal deputy.

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