32 Facts About Bandung


Bandung is the capital city of the Indonesian province of West Java.

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Greater Bandung is the country's third-largest metropolitan area, with over eight million inhabitants.

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In 1810, the road was laid down in Bandung and was named De Groote Postweg, the present-day location of Jalan Asia-Afrika.

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Bandung built his dalem, masjid agung and pendopo in the classical Sundanese orientation, with the pendopo facing Tangkuban Perahu mountain, which was believed to have a mystical ambience.

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In 1856, Bandung became the capital of the Preanger Regencies Residency, which it would remain until 1925.

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In 1906, Bandung was given the status of gemeente, and then twenty years later, stadsgemeente .

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In 1955, the first Asian-African Conference, known as the Bandung Conference, was hosted in Bandung by President Sukarno and attended by the heads of states representing twenty-nine independent countries from Asia and Africa.

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In 2005, an Asian-African Conference was partly held in Bandung, attended by world leaders including Indonesian President Susilo B Yudhoyono, President of China Hu Jintao, Prime Minister of India Manmohan Singh, President of South Africa Thabo Mbeki and President of Nigeria Obasanjo.

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The northern section of Bandung is hillier than other parts of the city, and the unique truncated flat-peak shape of the Tangkuban Perahu volcano can be seen from the city to the north.

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From mid-2005, Bandung faced another environmental disaster when the city's landfill site was reevaluated after a garbage slide 2005 which buried a village, Kampung Gajah, beneath it, killing over a hundred people.

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The sub-city regions of Bandung are Arcamanik, Cibeunying, Kerees, Kordon, Gedebage, Ujungberung, Bojonagara and Tegalega.

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Bandung City is divided into 30 districts, listed below with their populations at the 2010 Census:.

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Bandung possesses significant international communities compared with other Indonesian cities.

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Bandung is home to numerous examples of Dutch colonial architecture, most notably the tropical Art Deco, dubbed New Indies Style.

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Bandung stressed that modern architecture should interact with local history and native elements.

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Bandung was named a Professor of Architecture at the university.

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Bandung is a popular weekend destination for residents of Jakarta.

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Bandung is a popular shopping destination due to the cheap textile and fashion products, especially for Malaysian and Singaporean tourists.

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Textile factories on the outskirts of Bandung have opened factory outlets on site selling what is marketed as sisa export .

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Significant tourist sites near Bandung include the Tangkuban Prahu volcano crater to the north, the Kawah Putih volcano lake, and Patenggang Lake, a lake surrounded by tea plantations about 50 kilometres to the south of the city.

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Bandung has several museums that should be visited by tourists, such as the Geological Museum of Bandung, the Indonesia Postal Museum, Sri Baduga Museum, and the Asian-African Conference Museum.

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Bandung is the home of Persib Bandung, a professional football club currently competing in the highest tier of Indonesian football, the Liga 1.

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Bandung is home of Prawira Bandung, a professional basketball club currently competes in the Indonesian Basketball League, with its home games in the GOR Citra Arena.

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Bandung has several local daily newspapers, including Pikiran Rakyat, Galamedia, and Tribun Jabar.

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City of Bandung was featured in the 9th and 10th leg of the American reality series The Amazing Race 23.

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An intercity toll highway called Cipularang Toll Road, connecting Jakarta, Karawang, Purwakarta, Padalarang and Bandung, was completed in May 2005 and is the fastest way to reach Bandung from the capital by road.

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Bandung has two intercity bus terminals: Leuwipanjang, serving buses from the west, and Cicaheum, serving buses from the east.

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Introduction of new bus routes in Bandung often faced resistance from angkots and extortion attempts by so-called local patrons due to perception that their revenues being stolen, leading to blockades and verbal threats against bus drivers.

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Bandung has two large railway stations, Bandung and Kiaracondong Stations.

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Bandung has nearly 50 higher educational institutions and is among the most popular destinations for education in Indonesia.

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Several countries have set up their consulates in Bandung, including France, Netherlands, Poland, Latvia, Hungary, Austria, etc.

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Bandung has sister relationships with a number of cities worldwide:.

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