12 Facts About Flipkart

1. In response, Flipkart launched a safety initiative for named 'Project Nanjunda', after the deceased executive.

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2. On 6 October 2014 Flipkart launched a promotion called 'Big Billion Day' with the intention to increase the popularity of their website by targeting a billion sales in 1 day.

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3. In 2017, Flipkart launched additional brands, including Billion, Smartbuy (electronics accessories, effectively replacing Digiflip), and MarQ (for large appliances, although its launch was faced with a trademark dispute with an existing company, Marc Enterprises).

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4. In January 2017, Flipkart made a US$2 million investment in Tinystep, a parenting information startup.

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5. In December 2015, Flipkart purchased a minority stake in the digital mapping provider MapmyIndia.

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6. In April 2015, Flipkart acquired Appiterate, a Delhi-based mobile marketing automation firm.

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7. In March 2015, Flipkart blocked access to its website on mobile devices, and began requiring that users download the site's mobile app instead.

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8. In February 2014, Flipkart partnered with Motorola Mobility to be the exclusive Indian retailer of its Moto G smartphone.

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9. In May 2014, Flipkart acquired Myntra, an online fashion retailer, for 20 billion.

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10. In May 2012, Flipkart acquired Letsbuy, an online electronics retailer.

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11. In late 2011, Flipkart made several acquisitions relating to digital distribution, including Mime360.

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12. In 2010, Flipkart acquired the Bangalore-based social book discovery service weRead from Lulu.

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