14 Facts About Friuli


Multiethnic and subsequent multilingual tradition of Friuli means that the name of the region varies according to locality.

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Friuli is bordered on the west by the Veneto region with the border running along the Livenza river, on the north by the crest of the Carnic Alps between Carnia and Austrian Carinthia, on the east by the Julian Alps, the border with Slovenia and the Timavo river, and on the south by the Adriatic Sea.

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Friuli covers an area of 8,240 square kilometres, subdivided among the provinces of Udine 4,905 square kilometres, Pordenone 2,178 square kilometres and Gorizia 466 square kilometres.

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Precipitation in Friuli is relatively abundant; the distribution of rainfall varies a great deal during the course of the year.

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Duchy of Friuli was from the start one of the most important Lombard duchies.

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Friuli became the base of power of Berengar I during his struggles for the throne of Italy between 888 and 924.

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The patriarchal state of Friuli was one of the best organized polities of the Italian Middle Ages.

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The Patriarch Marquard of Randeck had gathered together and codified all the laws of Friuli and promulgated them as the Constitutiones Patriae Foriiulii.

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Cividale del Friuli was seat of the Patriarchate until 1238, when the patriarch moved his seat to Udine, where he had a magnificent episcopal edifice constructed.

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Friuli maintained some form of autonomy, by keeping its own Parliament ruling on the old territory of the Patriarchate, an autonomy not granted to the other cities and provinces submitted to Venice ; on the other side, it maintained its feudal nobility, which was able to keep their feudal rights over the land and its inhabitants for some time.

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Friuli was the eastern border of the Stato da Tera, and suffered both from Ottoman raids and from the border wars with Austria.

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Friuli was subject to increasing fiscal pressure, and its industries and commercial activities were affected.

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In 1815, the Congress of Vienna confirmed the union of Veneto, which Central-West Friuli was part of, with Lombardy, to constitute the Kingdom of Lombardy–Venetia.

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Friuli got entangled in the maze of opposing forces acting in the territory.

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