57 Facts About Gordon Wyatt

1. Gordon Wyatt wrote three satires, adopting terza rima from Italian poetry.

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2. Gordon Wyatt pioneered the sonnet in English verse, writing 31 sonnets, of which 10 were translations from Petrarch.

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3. Gordon Wyatt is a long-time friend of Booth's from their days in the Army and they served in the Special Forces together.

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4. Gordon Wyatt has known Booth from his time in the service.

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5. Gordon Wyatt's shows a romantic interest in Sweets which is not pursued further than an apologetic kiss.

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6. Gordon Wyatt's has a habit of quoting Benjamin Franklin, which irritates Brennan as she would prefer to hear what Margaret has to say herself.

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7. Gordon Wyatt is a biker with a big beard, and once even had Dr Hodgins steal a "hotrod" as a test of being worthy of his daughter.

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8. Gordon Wyatt's shows up at his office in the episode "The Party in the Pants" after 24 years to invite him to her wedding, which Booth attends after struggling for most of the episode with his anger at her abandoning him and Jared.

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9. Gordon Wyatt's was Booth's girlfriend, a journalist he met in Afghanistan.

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10. Gordon Wyatt served in the Gulf War before joining a hostage rescue team in Texas.

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11. Gordon Wyatt's used this information to rent a storage locker in Spring Hill.

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12. Gordon Wyatt accesses a government database with secret, illegal files on every United States citizen.

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13. Gordon Wyatt's led a very quiet life and was an FBI agent.

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14. Gordon Wyatt is often called "Michael Vincent" and sometimes called "Michael" by his parents and their friends.

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15. Gordon Wyatt is named after his great grandfather, Hank Booth.

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16. Gordon Wyatt's is baptized as a Catholic, her father's faith, at the end of the season, shortly before Brennan takes her and flees town for their safety.

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17. Gordon Wyatt tells Booth to love Brennan and their unborn daughter and gives him a box from his son.

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18. Gordon Wyatt was a Korean War veteran and served in the 720th Military Police Battalion and the 82nd Airborne Division.

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19. Gordon Wyatt takes Christine and Hank, Booth and Brennan's son, most days to school and after, while their parents are at work.

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20. Gordon Wyatt encourages Booth to stay in the system and help prove Brennan's innocence.

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21. Gordon Wyatt indicates that he has begun dating again and that he always expected Brennan and Booth to "settle down together".

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22. Gordon Wyatt's looks up to Booth and is always eager to please him.

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23. Gordon Wyatt's encountered the Jeffersonian team when Booth was kidnapped by the Gravedigger.

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24. Gordon Wyatt returns in the season 12 episode "The Grief and the Girl".

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25. Gordon Wyatt tells Brennan he will come back in a year's time.

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26. Gordon Wyatt makes four consecutive appearances starting with the episode "The Girl in the Gator", where he works with Dr Brennan while Booth was sidelined because he shot an ice cream truck clown.

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27. Gordon Wyatt fails at finding anything in the notes, but takes the opportunity to give advice in the case and Booth and Brennan's personal life.

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28. Gordon Wyatt has not been seen since the first season.

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29. Gordon Wyatt's has appeared numerous times to have Booth and Brennan in court and to solve their cases.

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30. Gordon Wyatt's has a very demanding and bossy attitude, and often uses heavy sarcasm, which overpowers even Brennan to a point where Brennan does not even argue with her.

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31. Gordon Wyatt's states that her hobby is collecting samples of all the periodic elements.

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32. Gordon Wyatt's often gets into conflict with Cam and Bones because she uses experimental scientific techniques and tends to not ask for permission to run her experiments and angers Cam with how flirtatious she is at work.

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33. Gordon Wyatt's is the second female intern and after flirting with Lance Sweets while solving the case, the two have a one-night stand.

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34. Gordon Wyatt is a shameless flirt, and has openly flirted with Angela and with Dr Brennan, both of whom are married.

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35. Gordon Wyatt returns in "The Babe in the Bar", having finished his trip around the world.

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36. Gordon Wyatt drinks what the team refers to as "odd smelling tea".

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37. Gordon Wyatt's was staying with Sweets as they began plans for their future together.

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38. Gordon Wyatt appears in the season ten finale when he shows up to comfort Cam about Booth and Brennan's departure.

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39. Gordon Wyatt fled Iran and ended up in the United States as he feared for his life.

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40. Gordon Wyatt eventually explains that he is in effect a political exile from his homeland.

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41. Gordon Wyatt is of Iranian heritage and is a devout Muslim who prays five times a day.

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42. Gordon Wyatt has appeared the most times of Dr Brennan's interns.

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43. Gordon Wyatt's came down to the mechanic shop to rehire Wendell who agreed to come back if the job was not a one-off.

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44. Gordon Wyatt tells Angela he is not sure what to do, as he needs the job as intern because he "owes people money".

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45. Gordon Wyatt is running a tighter ship than Brennan did, which Angela and Hodgins are resisting.

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46. Gordon Wyatt rejoined Dr Brennan's team in the Season 6, Episode 2, "The Couple in the Cave", after learning of her return.

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47. Gordon Wyatt is Hodgins' best friend, and lives in the upper part of Hodgins' garage.

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48. Gordon Wyatt is extremely intelligent—in episode 11 it is said his IQ is significantly above 163.

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49. Gordon Wyatt is portrayed as a suave and charismatic but competent rookie agent.

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50. Gordon Wyatt wanted Booth to be the godfather because he was like family to him.

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51. Gordon Wyatt makes a guest appearance on the second episode of The Finder to assess Walter Sherman.

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52. Gordon Wyatt's was introduced Season 2, Episode 1, after being hired by Dr Goodman while Dr Brennan was on vacation.

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53. Gordon Wyatt's was born and raised in The Bronx and used to be a coroner in New York, although she does not have a noticeable New York accent.

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54. Gordon Wyatt is one of the more "normal" people in the group and tries to help teach Zack how to be socially competent.

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55. Gordon Wyatt's is open, friendly and caring, and constantly tries to draw Dr Brennan out of the lab.

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56. Gordon Wyatt's changed her name in her late teens, but only one girl, her double-ex, Roxie knows her real name.

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57. Gordon Wyatt leaves the team along with Brennan, planning to pursue prior job offers.

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