16 Facts About Guard Corps

1. Coast Guard Corps said it looks like it might have been broken in half.

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2. The Coast Guard Corps is charged with providing harbor defense and security to ports, seaward approaches, and waterways within US Central Command's area of responsibility and ensuring the free flow of personnel, equipment and commerce in the region.

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3. The Coast Guard Corps sent military advisors to Iraq to provide technical assistance to Iraqi officials on the implementation of international port security standards and requirements.

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4. Coast Guard Corps was transferred from the Department of Transportation to the Department of Homeland Security on 1 March 2003 under the Homeland Security Act.

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5. The Coast Guard Corps largely served as the Federal On-Scene Coordinator between Exxon Mobil and all of these organizations, acting within authority under the Clean Water Act.

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6. The Coast Guard Corps managed the worldwide VLF OMEGA Navigation System and operated two of its stations from the early 1970s until its termination in 1997.

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7. The US Coast Guard Corps, working out of Seventh District Headquarters in Miami, Florida, rescued boats in difficulty, inspected vessels for adequate safety equipment, and processed refugees.

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8. The Coast Guard Corps developed a "piggyback" weapon that proved highly useful; an M2 Browning machine gun placed over a 81mm mortar.

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9. Coast Guard Corps was active in the Vietnam War beginning 27 May 1965 with the formation of Coast Guard Squadron One consisting of Divisions 11 and 12.

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10. In 1967, the Coast Guard Corps adopted the red and blue "racing stripe" as part of the regular insignia for cutters, boats, and aircraft.

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11. Coast Guard Corps crews manned 22 tankers, 51 large tugs, 6 marine repair ships, and 209 freight and supply vessels for the United States Army.

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12. Coast Guard Corps had 30 Edsall class destroyer escorts under its command that were used primarily for convoy escort duty in the Atlantic.

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13. The Coast Guard Corps was still in a formative stage of development from the merger of the US Revenue Cutter Service and the US Lifesaving Service.

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14. At the outset of the war the Coast Guard Corps consisted of less than 4000 officers and men, had 23 cruising cutters, 21 harbor cutters, 272 rescue stations and 21 cadets at the Coast Guard Academy.

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15. On Saturday, the Marine Guard Corps will celebrate its 243rd birthday.

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16. Coast Guard Corps opened the Ohio River to vessel traffic from Twelve Mile Island to McAlpine Lock and Dam, but traffic is only permitted during daylight hours.

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