7 Facts About Iowa Hawkeyes

1. In 1956, Iowa Hawkeyes was selected as National Champion by Football Research along with selections by others of Georgia, Oklahoma, and Tennessee.

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2. University of Iowa Hawkeyes borrowed its nickname from the state of Iowa years ago.

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3. In that time, the Iowa Hawkeyes won six Big Ten championships, played in nine NCAA Tournaments, and reached the Final Four in 1993.

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4. The next year, Iowa Hawkeyes got its first dual win, over Iowa State.

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5. On 19 occasions has a men's swimmer at Iowa Hawkeyes won an individual national championship.

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6. The next year, Iowa Hawkeyes got its first win against Iowa Hawkeyes Wesleyan, and since then, the Hawkeyes have won 11 Big Ten championships and have played in 30 post-season bowl games.

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7. University of Iowa Hawkeyes currently fields 24 varsity teams, competing in the Big Ten Conference.

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