15 Facts About Kyokushin


Kyokushin Kaikan is the martial arts organization founded in 1964 by Korean-Japanese Masutatsu Oyama, officially the International Karate Organization.

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Kyokushin's instruction was distinguished by goals improving the strength in the actual battle by performing a kumite that directly hits the opponent's body with a thrust or kick.

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Kyokushin sought to expand its presence with contact with other martial arts disciples, interaction with other groups, matches, assimiliation of martial arts technique.

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Kyokushin sought to develop a close connection with VIPs and celebrities, focusing on a mass media strategy to increase fans and gain students.

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Full-contact sparring in Kyokushin is considered the ultimate test of strength, endurance, techniques and spirit.

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Kyokushin Karate was introduced to United Kingdom by Steve Arneil.

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Kyokushin was introduced to Canada by Tats Nakamura in 1992 at Vancouver, British Columbia.

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Kyokushin was introduced to Netherlands by Jon Bluming and Kenji Kurosaki.

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Kyokushin is integral part of Dutch martial arts scene, as it laid foundation for "Dutch-style Kickboxing", advocated by entities like Mejiro Gym and Chakuriki Gym.

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Since then, Kyokushin has been one of the most popular karate styles in Hungary.

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Kyokushin was introduced to Singapore and of most of South East Asia by Shihan Peter Chong.

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Kyokushin has influenced other styles, especially the knockdown karate competition format.

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The influence of Kyokushin can be seen in the K-1 kickboxing tournament that originated out of the Seidokaikan karate organization, which is an offshoot from Kyokushin.

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Kyokushin is the basis of glove karate, a knockdown karate format wearing boxing gloves and allowing punches to the head.

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Kyokushin was featured on Fight Quest on Discovery Channel as the Japanese Martial Arts Style.

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