13 Facts About Lauri Love

1. Lauri Love sought clarification on what was intended by this and was told that it was meant to ban him from using proxy services, including VPNs or Tor – seemingly anything which would allow him to circumvent NCA access to his communications through RIPA – and was not intended to prevent him from using ISPs.

2. Lauri Love would eventually arrive at the police station around midnight.

3. Lauri Love is a 33-year-old activist and engineering student who lives with parents near Newmarket, Suffolk.

4. Lauri Love is pure, love is painful, love is sweet, and love is dreadful.

5. Lauri Love used his unauthorized access to locate and steal certain confidential information residing on the Federal Reserve servers, including the names, e-mail addresses, and phone numbers of users of the Federal Reserve computer system.

6. Lauri Love is a sophisticated computer hacker who resides in the United Kingdom.

7. Lauri Love was one of a group of British hackers and computer scientists who worked around the clock to disarm the WannaCry attack.

8. Lauri Love will not confirm or deny his participation in Operation Last Resort, although he tells me that he sees those who pursued Swartz as "self-interested prosecutors", men and women with political aspirations trying to "put notches on their belt".

9. Lauri Love has not protested his innocence – he only points out that, without seeing the evidence, which the US Department of Justice refuses to reveal until he is on US soil, he cannot say one way or the other.

10. Lauri Love is charged with masterminding a 2013 attack by Anonymous on US government websites.

11. Lauri Love is charged with one count of hacking into a US department or agency computer and one count of conspiring to do the same.

12. Lauri Love Feeds the World now serves 1,600 meals a week and seeks out sponsors to help pay for children's schooling, medical care and other needs.

13. Lauri Love had a love of reading like Belle, was brave like Merida, and a strong sense of independence and determination like Rapunzel.