8 Facts About Lord Howe

1. Lord Howe Islands Group was inscribed on the World Heritage List for its unique landforms and biota, its diverse and largely intact ecosystems, natural beauty, and habitats for threatened species.

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2. Lord Howe felt constantly undermined by Charles Middleton, the Comptroller of the Navy.

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3. Lord Howe sent a message for the convoy to put into safety in ports in Ireland.

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4. Lord Howe had only 25 ships-of-the-line against 36 enemy ships under Admiral Cordoba and was separated by them from the convoy he was ordered to protect.

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5. Lord Howe had to accomplish these tasks with significantly fewer ships than his combined opponents.

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6. Lord Howe was further embittered by the replacement of himself and his brother as peace commissioners, as well as by attacks in the press against him by ministerial writers including the prominent American Loyalist Joseph Galloway.

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7. Lord Howe spent much of the remainder of the year concentrating on capturing Forts Mifflin and Mercer which controlled entry to the Delaware River without which ships could not reach Philadelphia.

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8. Lord Howe was ordered to institute a naval blockade of the American coastline, but this proved to be ineffective.

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