65 Facts About Mario Tennis

1. Mario Tennis's finally underwent shoulder surgery that October, and the resulting layoff forced her out of the Top 100 until her return to singles action in May 2009.

2. Mario Tennis lost his cool in a heated match against US player Pete Sampras at the 1993 Wimbledon Tennis Championships.

3. Mario Tennis was a law student at the University of Split.

4. Mario Tennis is a video game that was developed by Camelot Software Planning and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 64 in 2000.

5. Mario Tennis has eight costumes as opposed to twelve, four WarioWare and four Classic.

6. Mario Tennis's starts the plot by stealing a globe from a museum and giving it as a gift to Wario.

7. Mario Tennis appeared as one of the villains in Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix.

8. Mario Tennis is depicted as being tougher and more durable than Mario as evidenced in the Wario Land games.

9. Mario Tennis must rescue Princess Peach from Bowser, only they're all in outer space.

10. Mario Tennis becomes a pinball in order to collect stars to save Princess Peach.

11. Mario Tennis must rescue Princess Peach and Toad while cleaning up graffiti.

12. Mario Tennis's shares negative chemistry with Bowser in Mario Superstar Baseball.

13. Mario Tennis's was seen partnering up with Rosalina for the tennis bout in Mario Sports Superstars.

14. Mario Tennis's was shown to have slight flower patterns on her gloves.

15. Mario Tennis's has an athletic miniskirt, introduced in Mario Hoops 3-on-3.

16. Mario Tennis's has an average weight and height compared to other Mario characters, being shorter than Peach but taller than Luigi, and generally being in the middle of weight classes in the Mario Kart series.

17. Mario Tennis's is shown to be impulsive and excitable, eager to take on big challenges and try new things; like scaling the Colossus and riding the flying train at the Observatory.

18. Mario Tennis's tripped off stage while receiving her trophy in Mario Tennis, she needs help after becoming lost in the Remix 10 pipe in Super Mario Run, and admits to being absentminded while waiting for her turn in Fortune Street.

19. Mario Tennis's has a sassy side, often regarded for her wittiness and attitude.

20. Mario Tennis's can be described as energetic, loud, cheerful, and confident.

21. Mario Tennis will mention that Daisy is looking for clues on the Power Moon locations.

22. Mario Tennis's is first found in Blizland, where the player must use Blaze to defeat her in Ultimate Figure Skating.

23. Mario Tennis's returns as a Speed type and has the Flower Trampoline technique in both versions as well as a Flower Dash technique in the DS version.

24. Mario Tennis's is one of the thirteen playable Mario series characters in this installment and is again a C-rank character.

25. Mario Tennis's is the Rank 10 opponent faced in Ranking Mode.

26. Mario Tennis's battles Peach to take the Star Cup championship, and she takes on Waluigi to see if she can get the Brick Wall award for an unprecedented fifth straight year.

27. Mario Tennis's possesses the ability to perform her Super Strike called Torpedo Strike.

28. Mario Tennis's appears as a non-playable character in the form of an unlockable trophy.

29. Mario Tennis's is referenced in the Peach and Daisy Royal Patisserie, with the logo being a combination of the princesses' crowns.

30. Mario Tennis's retains her jumpsuit from Mario Kart Wii for when she uses bikes and ATVs, but will only wear her standard dress when using karts.

31. Mario Tennis's is in the "Lightweight" category, and her personal kart is the Birthday Girl; which has her flower symbol decorating its front.

32. Mario Tennis's is unlocked by winning the Mushroom Cup on 150cc.

33. Mario Tennis's is unlocked by winning the 150cc Special Cup by getting first place or being in 2,850 races.

34. Mario Tennis's is unlocked by getting a Gold Trophy on every cup in the Retro Grand Prix on 50cc.

35. Mario Tennis's generally retains her stats from her appearance in Mario Power Tennis.

36. Mario Tennis's has the best serve of a Technique character, as well as good power, speed, and lunge stats.

37. Mario Tennis's appears in the opening as Peach's tennis partner, and the two are default partners when in Doubles tournaments.

38. Mario Tennis's is seen in Nina's ending, awarding her the trophy with Peach.

39. Mario Tennis's rarely misses when playing close to the net, and she's the most powerful "Technique" character in the game.

40. Mario Tennis's serves as Luigi's tennis partner, and Birdo serves as hers.

41. Mario Tennis's is playable by default, and this is the first sports game where Daisy is physically more powerful than Peach.

42. Mario Tennis's has appeared in two Mario Golf games as a playable character but as made cameos in other games such as NES Open Tournament Golf and the scorecard of Mario Golf: Advance Tour.

43. Mario Tennis attempts to rescue Daisy and bring peace to Sarasaland by traveling through each of the four kingdoms in pursuit of Tatanga to try and defeat him.

44. Mario Tennis's is a tomboy, something first stated in her debut appearance, Super Mario Land.

45. Mario Tennis was designed by Hiroji Kiyotake, who created Samus Aran, the heroine of the Metroid series.

46. Mario Tennis's definitely a turtle, though, and not a dragon as some assume.

47. Mario Tennis has trapped poor Donkey Kong in a cage and the ape's son must rescue him.

48. Mario Tennis's appeared as a doctor in the 1990 puzzle title Dr Mario and its sequels.

49. Mario Tennis was created by Shigeru Miyamoto and appeared in the game designer's first ever title, the 1981 arcade platformer, Donkey Kong.

50. Mario Tennis includes variations of tennis matches consisting of characters, courts, and scenarios based on the Mario franchise.

51. Mario Tennis said Warren Ferguson should consider running for a council spot.

52. Mario Tennis got his money, but this serving will not be enough.

53. Mario Tennis paid and otherwise influenced all the right people.

54. Mario Tennis has the confidence to insult them right out of the box.

55. Mario Tennis is really understands the Kerrville culture and there is much to learn from him.

56. Mario Tennis got a t-shirt from Dortmund's Mario Gotze after posing with the winning team.

57. Mario Tennis's chose an icy blue gown by Alexander McQueen and the Cambridge Lover's Knot tiara for the occasion.

58. Mario Tennis's paired it with a statement headpiece by Jane Taylor.

59. Mario Tennis helped lead Saugus to back-to-back state tournament appearances for the first time in 20 years.

60. Mario Tennis is a National Honor Society and student council member.

61. Mario Tennis is currently tied for most career points in program history.

62. Mario Tennis's had a chance to compete for New Zealand in the Fed Cup for 10 years, winning 18 out of 25 singles rubbers and 26 overall.

63. Mario Tennis's is an eight-time WTA doubles champion and a former top-25 player, reaching 16 finals in total.

64. Mario Tennis sold over 200,000 copies within two weeks of its release.

65. Mario Tennis was re-released on the Wii Virtual Console in 2010 and on the Wii U Virtual Console in 2015.