14 Facts About Medicine Hat


Medicine Hat was the sixth-largest city in Alberta in 2016 with a population of 63,230.

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Nearby communities considered part of the Medicine Hat area include the Town of Redcliff and the hamlets of Desert Blume, Dunmore, Irvine, Seven Persons, and Veinerville.

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Historically, Medicine Hat has been known for its large natural gas fields, being immortalized by Rudyard Kipling as having "all hell for a basement".

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In 2021, Medicine Hat became the first city in Canada to achieve "functional homelessness, " defined as three consecutive months where three or fewer individuals experienced chronic homelessness.

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Name "Medicine Hat" is an English interpretation of Saamis – the Blackfoot word for the eagle tail feather headdress worn by medicine men.

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In 1883, when the Canadian Pacific Railway reached Medicine Hat and crossed the river, European Canadians established a town site.

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Medicine Hat is halfway between Winnipeg and Vancouver, British Columbia, on the Pacific Coast.

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Medicine Hat landscape is dominated by the South Saskatchewan River valley.

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Medicine Hat Clay Industries National Historic District is a living, working museum based on the Medalta Potteries and Hycroft China Factory Complexes as the focal points of the 0.

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Medicine Hat Drag Racing Association is located just off the Trans-Canada Highway on Boundary Road or the spectators entrance on Box Springs Road.

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One is named Cypress-Medicine Hat, and is represented by Drew Barnes formerly of the United Conservative Party, while the other one is named Brooks-Medicine Hat, and is represented by Michaela Glasgo of the United Conservative Party.

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Medicine Hat has several radio and television stations broadcasting from it, and can receive a few distant AM radio stations from Calgary.

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Medicine Hat is home to the South Alberta Light Horse, an army reserve unit.

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Medicine Hat was home to a British Commonwealth Air Training Plan airfield and a POW camp during the Second World War.

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