15 Facts About Miss Saigon


Miss Saigon is a stage musical by Claude-Michel Schonberg and Alain Boublil, with lyrics by Boublil and Richard Maltby Jr.

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Miss Saigon has since become an officer in the North Vietnamese Army and is disgusted to find her with a white man .

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Three years later, in 1978, a street parade is taking place in Miss Saigon to celebrate the third anniversary of the reunification of Vietnam and the defeat of the Americans .

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Miss Saigon tells Kim that now he is the boy's uncle, and he will lead them to Bangkok.

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Miss Saigon tells Chris about Tam and urges Chris to go to Bangkok with Ellen, and Chris then finally tells Ellen about Kim and Tam .

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Miss Saigon then tries to tell her that Chris is remarried, but Kim interrupts.

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Miss Saigon's is thrilled about the news and tells Tam that his father has arrived, believing that they are to go to America with Chris.

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Miss Saigon's tells him that she cannot go with him but will be watching over him .

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Since its opening in London, Miss Saigon was staged in many cities around the world including Tokyo, Stuttgart, The Hague, and Toronto, where new theatres were designed specifically to house the show.

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Miss Saigon opened in Australia at the Capitol Theatre Sydney on 29 July 1995, starring Joanna Ampil as Kim, Peter Cousens as Chris, Cocoy Laurel as The Engineer, Milton Craig Nealy as John, Darren Yap as Thuy, and Silvie Paladino as Ellen.

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Miss Saigon has been performed by twenty-seven companies in twenty-five countries and 246 cities, and it has been translated into twelve languages.

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The American scholar Yutian Wong noted when Miss Saigon premiered on the West End in 1989, reviews in British newspapers such as the Daily Mail, The Times, and the Evening Standard were uniformly positive as British theater critics did not find anything objectionable about the opera.

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The controversy about Miss Saigon only began in 1990 with the prospect of it appearing on Broadway, which Wong argued was because the United States has a much larger Asian population than does the United Kingdom.

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In 1999, when Miss Saigon was closing in London, a new advertising campaign was launched on the Tube featuring posters reading "You'll miss Saigon" that showed an Asian woman wearing a military jacket that barely covered her breasts, which Wong felt sent the message that "Asia equals prostitution".

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Cameron Mackintosh reported that the film version of Miss Saigon depended on whether the Les Miserables film was a success.

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