14 Facts About Missionaries


Missionaries's proselytizing is said to have converted many to Buddhism in China, and made Chang'an, present-day Xi'an, a major center of Buddhism.

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Missionaries sent tribute missions to Liang in 534 and 541, on the second occasion requesting artisans as well as various Buddhist works and a teacher.

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Missionaries is credited with having sent a mission in 538 to Japan that brought an image of Shakyamuni and several sutras to the Japanese court.

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Missionaries has attracted celebrity religious followers such as Richard Gere and Adam Yauch.

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Missionaries got to know a slave from the Danish colony in the West Indies.

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Missionaries typically spend two weeks in a Missionary Training Center where they study the scriptures, learn new languages when applicable, prepare themselves to teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and learn more about the culture and the people they live among.

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Missionaries was an important promoter of the idea of moksha in Indonesia.

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Missionaries founded the Shaivite priesthood that is ubiquitous in Bali, and is regarded as the ancestor of all Shaivite pandits.

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Missionaries soon attracted several Kikuyus and Wakambas, who became his disciples.

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Missionaries belonging to the Ahmadiyya thought of Islam often study at International Islamic seminaries and educational institutions, known as Jamia Ahmadiyya.

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Missionaries stay with their careers as appointed by the Caliph for the rest of their lives, as per their commitment to the community.

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Missionaries founded Jain monasteries even in non-Aryan territory, and almost all ancient Jain temples or monuments of unknown origin are popularly attributed to him.

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Missionaries made four distinct major journeys, in the four different directions, which are called Udasis, spanning many thousands of kilometres, preaching the message of God.

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Missionaries have made significant contributions to linguistics and the description and documentation of many languages.

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