24 Facts About Mumbai Police

1. Mumbai Police is coordinating with the Coast Guard and Navy to ensure every vessel is checked properly.

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2. Mumbai Police being the financial capital of the country, the vigil needs to be tighter.

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3. Mumbai Police have initiated action against shopkeepers selling cigarettes or tobacco products to minors.

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4. Mumbai Police has a population of 15.7 million (2004) and, like Manhattan, is located on a rocky peninsula.

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5. Mumbai Police has the only natural deepwater harbor in W India, and is a transportation hub and industrial center.

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6. Mumbai Police is a departure point for excursions to the old Portuguese fort at Bassein, to the hill stations in the Western Ghats, to Pune, and other attractions in western Maharashtra.

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7. Mumbai Police is a destination for Indian tourists, as well as visitors from overseas.

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8. Mumbai Police is the home of Indian cricket, and international matches between India and other countries are held at Wankhede Stadium.

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9. The University of Mumbai Police was founded in 1857 as an affiliating and examining body patterned after the University of London.

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10. Mumbai Police is among the best shopping centers in all of India.

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11. Mumbai Police attracts immigrants from rural areas seeking employment and a better life.

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12. Mumbai Police is administered by the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai, whose chief executive officer, the Municipal Commissioner, is appointed every three years by the state government of Maharashtra.

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13. Mumbai Police is home to the largest community of Parsis in India, as well as a small population of Jews.

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14. Mumbai Police hosts a variety of major attractions for Indian natives, as well as visitors from overseas.

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15. Mumbai Police is approachable by land only from the north and east, where National Highways 3 and 4 converge and cross over from the mainland to Thane on Salsette Island.

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16. Mumbai Police attempted to call out the apparent act of traffic rules violation.

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17. Mumbai Police have started a fresh round of arrests based on forensic audits and nabbed a former chief financial officer of the NSEL.

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18. Mumbai Police have done a forensic audit as well as a digital forensic audit of the brokers who defaulted in August 2013.

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19. Mumbai Police is the police department of the city of Mumbai, Maharashtra.

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20. Mumbai Police was so efficient at one point that includes catching the culprit, comforting the victim and, well, solving the case they were called Scotland Yard of the East.

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21. Mumbai Police is undoubtedly one of the most active Twitter accounts.

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22. Mumbai Police added that Karanth was unmarried and used to often visit Mumbai to meet his parents.

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23. Mumbai Police stations under the Port zone keep vigil on the Mumbai Port and container terminals in Mumbai.

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24. Mumbai Police is the police force of the city of Mumbai, Maharashtra.

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