14 Facts About Nawab Salimullah


Sir Nawab Salimullah was a key patron of education for the Eastern Bengal.

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Nawab Salimullah was one of the founders of the University of Dhaka and the prestigious Ahsanullah School of Engineering.

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Sir Nawab Salimullah was a staunch supporter of the Partition of Bengal and was a member of East Bengal and Assam Legislative Council from 1906 to 1907.

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Nawab Salimullah was a member of Bengal Legislative Assembly from 1913 till his death in Calcutta in 1915 at the age of 43.

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Nawab Salimullah was the founder President of Bengal Muslim League in 1907.

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Nawab Salimullah began his career in government service in 1893 as Deputy Magistrate, a position he held until he departed in 1895 to start his business in Mymensingh.

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On 16 October 1905, the day the Bengal Province was parted, Nawab Salimullah presided over a meeting of Muslim leaders from all over East Bengal in Northbrook Hall where a political front called Mohammedan Provincial Union was formed.

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On 14 and 15 April 1906, Nawab Salimullah organized and was named president at the first convention of East Bengal and Assam Provincial Educational Conference at Shahbag, Dhaka.

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Two years later, in December 1908, Nawab Salimullah would speak out for free speech in educational institutes and rights for Muslims to separate elections.

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Nawab Salimullah served as the chairman at the 22nd Convention of the All India Mohammedan Educational Conference at Amritsar in December 1908.

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On 2 March 1912, Nawab Salimullah chaired a meeting at which the two Muslim Leagues of the Bengal were combined into the Presidency Muslim League and the two Muslim Associations were combined into the Bengal Presidency Muslim Association.

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Nawab Salimullah was the grandson of Nawab of Dhaka, Sir Khwaja Abdul Ghani.

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Nawab Khwaja Salimullah was born at the Ahsan Manzil Palace on 7 June 1871.

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Nawab Salimullah had player a major role in bringing freedom to Bangladesh.

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